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05/11/2018 - What does it take to be a rock n roll legend? At age 66, John Mellencamp probably never asked himself this question. Yet despite his indifference to the whole idea of fame his aversion to it, actually that is what he has become. Go figure.

Read Bob Doerschuk's phone interview with John about the process of his live CD/DVD Plain Spoken From The Chicago Theatre out today after the jump. Read More
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04/20/2016 - "I never expected to win awards," says John Mellencamp, who has nonetheless accumulated a bunch of them. "I'm just always trying to be a better songwriter." John spoke with Elysa Gardner of USA Today about the 33rd annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, the Grammy winner, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and recipient of the Americana Music Association's Lifetime Achievement Award will add another prize to his collection: the Founders Award, the top honor assigned by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Read the complete interview after the jump. Read More
09/19/2014 - USA Today is hosting an online album premiere for the entire Plain Spoken album! There is an interview that accompanies the preview between John and USA Today writer Elysa Gardner. The album premiere will be available now through Monday night at 9 PM ET. Listen HERE and then post your thoughts about the record (including what your favorite track is) in the comments of the USA Today article, in the Community thread and on John's Facebook under THIS post. Read More
10/10/2013 - A bold collection of artwork by rocker/activist John Mellencamp opens Nov. 3 at the Butler Institute of American Art's satellite museum in Howland Township, Ohio.

A longtime painter inspired by German expressionists Otto Dix and Max Beckmann, Mellencamp will present roughly 40 oil paintings, some never before seen by the public, at his first art museum exhibition. Read More
10/09/2013 - Read Elysa Gardner's phone interview with the creators of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "They both live out in the weeds," Burnett observes (King in Maine, Mellencamp in Indiana). "Maybe it's just my imagination, but I get the sense that these guys hole up and don't see anybody for weeks on end, then get together and compare notes."

Watch the video interview with John and Stephen. HERE
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05/30/2013 - Read Elysa Gardner's 3 1/2 out of 4 stars USA Today's review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "On this new album, impeccably produced by Burnett, more famous voices take on Mellencamp's wry, haunted tunes, steeped in folk and blues."

"Mellencamp himself ably serve the grit and poignance of songs that address the ghosts and monsters inside all of us." Read More
05/10/2013 - John Mellencamp, Stephen King and T Bone Burnett have opted for a novel approach to getting their new musical more exposure. They are taking the show, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, on the road as a concert... Read More
03/11/2012 - Read Edna Gundersen's of USA Today's conversation with John about the upcoming Ghost Brothers of Darkland County musical after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "I am more thrilled about this than anything I've done in my whole life. I'm pretty pumped up!"

"Everyone is down there working seven days a week. I'm just excited that it's so good..." Read More
03/08/2012 - John speaks to USA Today's Edna Gunderson about his headlining this weekends first installment of This Land Is Your Land ~ The Woody Guthrie Centennial Celebration Concert. Additionally, he talks about his love for Guthrie, his upcoming Ghost Brothers of Darkland County project and potential future albums.

Here are a few quotes from John about the impact Woody's music had on him: "I not only appreciated what he stood for, but I was fascinated with his personal life as a nomad..."

"To a young person, discovering music is like your first love affair. It left quite an indelible mark..."

"I can only write about what I see.."
Read the complete interview after the jump. Read More
10/04/2010 -

Farm Aid 25 took place on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at Miller Park in Milwaukee WI. John performed a powerful set and was joined on the bill by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews and a dozen other artists. After the jump we have a collection of the video, photo, and press coverage of the event. Here are some highlights:

Of John's set USA Today said: "No set, start to finish, was better at Farm Aid." reported: "Earlier in the day, at a press conference held at Miller Park's adjacent little league field, Mellencamp said, not for the first time, that Nelson should be honored with a Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless devotion to American farmers. After all, Farm Aid is the longest-running musical cause ever. Willie, standing to Mellencamp's right, responded, "How 'bout the No Bull prize?""
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08/17/2010 - Before 1985's Scarecrow, John Mellencamp had his band learn dozens of '60s rock classics note for note. Twenty-five years later, he and producer T Bone Burnett traveled to historic spaces including locations where Robert Johnson and Elvis Presley recorded their first sides to cut rockabilly and country-blues period pieces. "It's not my nature to be nostalgic at all," Mellencamp sings on Thinking About You. These songs speak from an awareness of the past, not a desire to relive it.

Download: Save Some Time to Dream, No Better Than This
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08/17/2010 - Read Edna Gundersen of USA Today's feature about No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "musical storytelling for hard times: far-fetched, violent, sexy, played for laughs. It doesn't get more timeless, or American, than that."

"wise, charming album is ... a highly personal testimonial.." Read More




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