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04/09/2020 - Don’t remember the supergroup the Buzzin’ Cousins? You’re not alone. Despite featuring five architects of Americana music, the collaboration remains a blind spot for most music fans, even those who may be hardcore devotees of the artists involved.

Here is an excerpt: "But it’s the Buzzin’ Cousins entry, written by Mellencamp, that stands as the centerpiece of the Falling From Grace soundtrack. “Sweet Suzanne” is an intoxicating shot of heartland jangle-rock, with all five of the artists — each in their idiosyncratic vocal style — trading lines..." Read the complete article after the jump. Read More
01/24/2017 - "Easy Target" features late-night, smoky-bar piano and an ornate string section, and Mellencamp delivers his grim lines in a dry croak.

During a recent conversation with Katie Couric, Mellencamp suggested the song came to him in one jolt of inspiration. "I didn’t even want to write the song," he said. "All of a sudden, I just started singing 'easy target' ... as fast as I could write is how long it took me to write the song." Read the complete article after the jump. Read More
09/21/2015 - Number One: Best Blue Collar Spirit: John Mellencamp: John Mellencamp has always seemed to relate to the average Joe American. Maybe it's his small-town roots or down-home upbringing, but the Indiana rocker is a blue-collar worker at heart. To that end, he has and continues to perfectly embody the Farm Aid spirit. "Can't trust the police/With their guns or their nights/My, my these are lawless times," he intoned with a cigarette-stained growl on his set-opening "Lawless Times." Hits like "Small Town" and "Pink Houses," both unleashed at Farm Aid, may have a more upbeat sentiment, but Mellencamp is no naïve fool. As the man dressed in black professed on the Farm Aid-appropriate "Rain on the Scarecrow:" "This land fed a nation this land made me proud/And son I'm just sorry there's no legacy for you now." Read the complete "15 Best Things We Saw At Farm Aid 2015" after the jump. Read More
09/23/2014 - At 62, John Mellencamp has spent his nearly 40-year career figuring out exactly where he fits in the American grain, and he’s never inhabited traditional folk and blues-imbued settings as personally as on his 22nd album. Singing with gruff directness, the recent divorcé deals with relationship struggles (the somber “Tears in Vain”), as well as broader societal and moral worry (the hard-driving “Lawless Times”). He recorded the album in Indiana with executive production by T Bone Burnett, who has brought his stripped-down approach to Mellencamp’s recent albums. “I don’t trust myself, I don’t trust you,” he intones darkly. It’s a lonely old night, as he used to sing, and a raw one. Read More
08/13/2014 - In the new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine with Willie Nelson on the cover, hitting shelves now,  "The Playlist" played five songs new and old for the heartland rocker, - whose Plain Spoken LP is due in September, and asked for his take on each one. Check out John's "Expert Opinion" of these songs after the jump. Read More
07/18/2014 - Read Andy Greene's of Rolling Stone magazine complete review after the jump. Here are some excerpts "excellent live album..."

"Just 11 years later, the concert already feels like a time capsule of a bygone era...” Read More
12/05/2013 - The end of the year double issue of Rolling Stone Magazine features a multi-page article about John. Entitled "John Mellencamp: My Life In 15 Songs," the article finds John reflecting back on his career by telling stories surrounding 15 notable songs from his catalog. The issue, dated Dec. 19 with Will Ferrell/Ron Burgundy on the cover, is hitting store shelves now! Read the entire article after the jump. Read More
09/22/2013 - Read Andy Greene's complete review of Farm Aid 2013. "Farm Aid has continued to thrive and grow. It's partially due to the passion of Nelson and his fellow board members..." Read More
05/19/2012 - Read Adam Gold's discussion with John about his new museum exhibition. Here are some excerpts: "The themes of populism, social injustice, small-town struggle and fractured relationships that reappear in the singer-songwriter's sprawling discography are, not surprisingly, also spread across his canvases. "I write about the human condition, I paint about the human condition," he says"

"Everyone seems to like me better when I'm painting. I don't know why..." Read More
12/07/2010 - Rolling Stone magazine writer Andy Greene interviewed John before his performance on The Late Show with David Letterman. After the jump we have part of their interview with John talking about a new cover song he is working on and his thoughts about Willie Nelson. Read More
10/04/2010 -

Farm Aid 25 took place on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at Miller Park in Milwaukee WI. John performed a powerful set and was joined on the bill by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews and a dozen other artists. After the jump we have a collection of the video, photo, and press coverage of the event. Here are some highlights:

Of John's set USA Today said: "No set, start to finish, was better at Farm Aid." reported: "Earlier in the day, at a press conference held at Miller Park's adjacent little league field, Mellencamp said, not for the first time, that Nelson should be honored with a Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless devotion to American farmers. After all, Farm Aid is the longest-running musical cause ever. Willie, standing to Mellencamp's right, responded, "How 'bout the No Bull prize?""
Read More

08/06/2010 - Rolling Stone has a report with quotes from John from the first show on the Dylan tour from Lincoln, NE. Here is an excerpt: "While his set favored crowd favorites and enduring deep cuts like "Pink Houses" and "Paper In Fire," Mellencamp also brought the crowd into the here-and-now, unveiling songs from his new T Bone Burnett-produced disc No Better Than This. One, "Save Some Time to Dream," was a gorgeously spare, Neil Young-ish country tune featuring tight rhythmic backup from his six-piece band. Meanwhile, Mellencamp reinvigorated classic tunes like "Cherry Bomb," which he freshened with an off-the-cuff a capella arrangement..." Read More
12/10/2008 - Rolling Stone magazine’s new year-end double-issue cites “Life, Death, Love & Freedom” as the #5 album of 2008.

The December 25th issue, which features Brad Pitt on the cover, places the critically acclaimed John Mellencamp album just behind My Morning Jacket’s “Evil Urges.” The top three spots are taken by TV on the Radio’s “Dear Science,” Bob Dylan’s “The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs - Rare and Unreleased 1989-2006” and Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III.”

“John Mellencamp’s growling fatalism and T Bone Burnett’s scorched-blues production make this the darkest, most compelling Mellencamp album in years,” said Rolling Stone in the blurb accompanying its prestigious 50 Best Albums of 2008 listing. “It is also the perfect run-up to Election Day: Fourteen songs about a nation going broke and a generation on the ropes.”

Read More
06/26/2008 - Here is the Rolling Stone review of John's new album featured in the new issue hitting store shelves in the next few days:

"American Gothic John Mellencamp teams up with T Bone Burnett for a dark political album that fits the national mood."

Earlier this year, John McCain used John Mellencamp's hits "Our Country" and "Pink Houses" during stump speeches, until the Democratic singer asked him to stop. It's unlikely that the Republican candidate would find anything useful for his campaign on Life, Death, Love and Freedom. Mellencamp teamed up with producer T Bone Burnett to create a whole new sound — a set of textured, atmospheric folk and country blues that adds up to one of the most compelling albums of Mellencamp's career... Read More




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