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12/29/2010 - Read Peter Chianca's full list of songs on the Wicked Local site. " 9) “A Graceful Fall,” John Mellencamp: “It’s not a graceful fall from dreams to the truth,” observes Mellencamp, imbuing the words with simple beauty on a simply beautiful album..." Read More
12/20/2010 - After the jump click the link to read Pat Driscoll's full Top 10 list.

7.) John Mellencamp – No Better Than This
I can’t explain it either, guys but here it is. I loved this record. Absolutely loved it. And I’m not even a Mellencamp guy. I am, however, a T. Bone Burnett guy and he’s a real star here. He and Mellencamp recorded these songs in mono into a single microphone which captured the whole band at once. As a result, you can kind of hear these songs live and breathe. Yes, it’s old fashioned and a bit precious but at the same time, it’s also kind of new all over again. There’s no mistaking it either. No Better Than This just sounds different from any other record released this year and “Coming Down the Road”, “No One Cares About Me” and “Love At First Sight” as is good a three song run on a record this year.
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12/17/2010 - Read John Metzger's full 4.5 out of 5 star No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "Considering the strength and consistency of his creations in the past few years, it is safe to say that Mellencamp is getting better with age..."

"In retrospect, however, everything that Mellencamp has done thus far sounds like a long, meandering prelude to his latest effort No Better than This..." Read More
12/16/2010 - PopMatters is an international online magazine of cultural criticism offering sharp, entertaining writing on a wide range of topics in pop culture, offering a refuge from the usual hype and gossip. Read Steve Lefrdige's full list of picks on the Pop Matters site. Here is an excerpt: "As a result, instead of making any attempt to assimilate, legendary artists like John Mellencamp and Robert Plant are mining the minimalist sounds of American roots history..." After the jump read the #2 No Better Than This pick.
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12/16/2010 - Now in its thirteenth year of online publication, The Music Box is a daily music and entertainment magazine featuring reviews, music news, tour dates, interviews, feature articles, Read John Metzger's top 10 list on The Music Box site. After the jump read the No Better Than This #2 pick. Read More
12/13/2010 - Let’s cut to the chase here. The end of the year brings “best of” lists so here are my top ten CDs and singles of 2010. The list is going to differ from the many others out there because most notably absent from mine is Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs,” which I thought was busy and overlong and offered nothing but a superficial gloss on the sterility and emotional paralysis of its title subject.

The songs gave the appearance of profundity and insight without actually delivering us any new lyrical or musical ideas. If you love it wear it out, but I’m not on the disc’s bandwagon.

John Mellencamp: “No Better Than This” (Rounder). Perhaps, no rock star has aged as gracefully and dealt with the difficulties of facing down the darkness of our existence as Mellencamp. This CD was recorded in mono at some historic places including Sun Studios. With T-Bone Burnett producing and a batch of his best, most reflective songs, Mellencamp has created a deeply introspective record lamenting the ephemeral nature of life while celebrating the small epiphanies that keep us going during our most vulnerable moments. A beautiful, soulful record.

After the jump click the capecodonline.com link to read Capt. Ken's full list

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12/02/2010 - 360 blog writer Brian T. Atkinson recently interviewed John. After the jump we have his piece and interview about his No Better Than This album.
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11/17/2010 - Read Peter Chianca's review of No Better Than This.Here are some excerpts: "They make for Mellencamp’s most improbably compelling album since 1984’s “Scarecrow...”

"With “No Better Than This,” Mellencamp has worked out a low-key triumph..." Read More
11/15/2010 - Read Greg Kot's Turn It Up Blog. Here are some excerpt: "It adds up to one of Mellencamp’s best albums.."

"In a recent interview, Mellencamp discussed his life as a “recovering” rock star.
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11/10/2010 - Read John Heidt's full review. Here is an excerpt: No Better Than This is an amazing project that could have come across incredibly self-conscious. Instead it's a testament to the power of simplicity and brilliant songwriting that, to this point, may be the best record made by one of rock's best songwriters.
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11/10/2010 - Read the Abolute Sound full No Better Than This review. Here is an excerpt: "T Bone’s sonics are typically uncluttered and atmospheric, but Mellencamp’s hoarse musings add the soulful grit that raises the whole enterprise to an inspired exercise in unvarnished Americana..." Read More
11/06/2010 - John was recently interviewed by John Carucci for the Associated Press. The interview is available in two forms - print and video. After the jump we have the full print article and a larger version of the video version embedded below. John discusses different topics in both.

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11/03/2010 - Read Mike Greenblatt's "A" review of No Better Than This. Here is an excerpt: "one man singing his own songs of hope, redemption and hard-boiled reality while strumming guitar..." Read More
10/15/2010 - Read Darryl Morden of Buzzine.com No Better Than This review. Here is an excerpt: "He brings a truth that can disturb, comfort, but most of all move the listener... " Read More
10/15/2010 - Read Kevin Krieger's 4 W's (star) review: Here is an excerpt: “No Better Than This” is Mellencamp’s history lesson for the adventurous listener willing to follow him down the musical paths cut by legends like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. Read More
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