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09/22/2014 - On Monday, John did a live 30 minutes interview with Marc Lamont Hill at HuffPost Live. You can watch it HERE.

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09/19/2014 - The rock icon talks with Esquire's Dan Hyman about his decades-long career, not giving a shit, the dangers of the Internet, and his grandfather's advice. Read this compelling interview after the jump. Here are some excerpts " I have a bunch of information in my head that I'm not afraid to put in song or onto a canvas..."

"What I'm drawing from now and what I was drawing from as a kid are totally two different things. Because what kind of person's interests stay the same their entire life?..." Read More
09/19/2014 - USA Today's Elysa Gardner spoke with John about his new album. Read the complete piece after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "I didn't sit down and decide I was going to make an album about certain topics," says Mellencamp, 62, of the release, out Tuesday. "My mind is just open to ideas. I don't understand when people talk about having writer's block. I think, you're thinking too much! Just let it come to you." Read More
10/16/2013 - Read Marcela Creps' interview with John, Stephen and Andy York at the Indiana University Auditorium at the premiere of Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County

“Don’t get too close to old people.”

That was the advice John Mellencamp had for television cameramen setting up for interviews as the premiere of “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” hangs on the horizon. Read More
10/12/2013 - Booth talks about this intriguing production that she is helming with CantonRep.com staff writer Dan Kane.According to director Susan Booth the production is “a kind of new-age traveling medicine show” and a “story-driven rock concert.” Read the complete Q & A after the jump. Read More
10/09/2013 - Read David Lindquist's preview of Ghost Brothers of Darkland Countytour opening tomorrow at IU Auditorium. Here is an excerpt: “This format is kind of perfect for a Steve King book and a John Mellencamp score,” Booth said. “It allows us to fully hit every note of the score with John’s band backing us. It also allows us to sit and listen to Steve’s words and plug our imagination in, rather than having the work done for us by a fully staged production.” Read More
10/07/2013 - Read David Lindquist's complete interview with John discussing the opening of the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County play after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "“In today’s world, things have to fit in a little box,” Mellencamp said. “And if it doesn’t fit in that box, people ask ‘What are they doing?’ You can’t pigeonhole (‘Ghost Brothers’). You just to have to see it. If you like it, great.”

"For me, it’s already a success,” Mellencamp said. “If there’s one friend I’ve made in the entertainment business, it’s Steve King. We have not had a cross word or any major disagreement in 20 years.” Read More
10/04/2013 - John Mellencamp is returning to Ryman Auditorium this month, but instead of taking the stage, he’ll take a seat.

Mellencamp recently called The Tennessean to talk about the making of a “Southern Gothic supernatural musical of fraternal love, lust, jealousy and revenge.” Read the complete interview after the jump. Read More
11/13/2012 - Andy Greene of Rolling Stone magazine sat down with John, Stephen King and T Bone Burnett during a recent table reading in New York to discuss the completion and release of the CD/DVD of Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County expected in stores in 2013 In addition to the interview Rollingstone.com is streaming the track "It's Me" off the release sung by Elvis Costello.

Here are some excerpts: "It was Steve's job to tell the story," says Mellencamp. "It was my job to develop the characters through songs. That's different than most musicals..."

"On a creative level we were always in harmony," says King. "We have the same kinds of interests, same background, small town, regular people kind of thing. Also, the more I worked with him the more amazed I was by his level of talent..." Click "Read More" to read the interview, see the track listings and artists on the soundtrack. Read More
03/02/2012 - Read Jennifer Chancellor's complete article about John's involvement in the The Woody Guthrie Centennial Celebration Concert. In the article John talks about the influence Woody has had on his music and artistry. Here are some excerpts: "There is perhaps one thing that has inspired Mellencamp the most, he said..."

"Just being able to stand up for himself and be counted as an individual. Plus, he also lived outside of the music business..."

"In a time before major record label deals, arena tours and million-dollar contracts, Guthrie was out in the cotton fields playing to migrant workers. He wrote and performed because he felt compelled to, Mellencamp said..."

""You, know, I've always been an outsider, too..." Read More
08/11/2011 - John was interviewed at his Bloomington, IN home for a Farm Aid piece by CBS corespondent Ayla Brown. The interview is expected to air Friday morning August 12, 2011. Watch Mellencamp.com for updates on the exact time we expect the piece to run. Read More
12/13/2010 - John was interviewed on Public Radio International's "Bob Edwards Weekend" Dec. 11-12, 2010.  Bob spoke with John about his early career,  the making of the No Better Than This record and John's politics. Click HERE to listen to this half hour interview on the Bob Edwards Weekend website. Read More
10/28/2010 - John was interviewed by WTHR 13 Indianapolis' Scott Swan during his rehearsals for the Friday kick off of his No Better Than This Tour at the Indiana University Auditorium. A portion of that interview aired Thursday, October 28th during the 11 PM news. Other portions will air during the newscasts over the next few weeks. After the jump we have the text article and a larger version of the video.

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09/29/2010 - Recently, John filmed a public service announcement for World Homeless Day (10/10/2010) and sat down to talk with 1Matters’ Ken Leslie, on behalf of street papers worldwide. Click HERE to watch the PSA and read the interview.

1Matters has taken the video of John's interview and interspersed it with clips and lyrics from No Better Than This. The piece finds John talking about progress, his first experiences with racism, the unique recording of NBTT, and shares the best advice he was ever given by his grandfather.

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