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10/09/2013 - Read David Lindquist's preview of Ghost Brothers of Darkland Countytour opening tomorrow at IU Auditorium. Here is an excerpt: “This format is kind of perfect for a Steve King book and a John Mellencamp score,” Booth said. “It allows us to fully hit every note of the score with John’s band backing us. It also allows us to sit and listen to Steve’s words and plug our imagination in, rather than having the work done for us by a fully staged production.” Read More
10/07/2013 - Read David Lindquist's complete interview with John discussing the opening of the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County play after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "“In today’s world, things have to fit in a little box,” Mellencamp said. “And if it doesn’t fit in that box, people ask ‘What are they doing?’ You can’t pigeonhole (‘Ghost Brothers’). You just to have to see it. If you like it, great.”

"For me, it’s already a success,” Mellencamp said. “If there’s one friend I’ve made in the entertainment business, it’s Steve King. We have not had a cross word or any major disagreement in 20 years.” Read More
10/31/2010 - A fan has posted a video of  John's performance from the tour opening night at the IU Auditorium in Bloomington, Indiana on October 29, 2010. No Better Than This the title track from John's newly released album and tour.

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10/30/2010 - John's web team has posted a blog recounting the opening night of the tour on Friday, October 29th in John's hometown of Bloomington, IN. Click HERE to read it and see a few pictures from the show. Read More
10/29/2010 - Tonight: Mellencamp.com will be live blogging from Mellencamp's No Better Than This Tour kick off in Bloomington IN!

Visit John's Facebook page where we will be posting comments throughout the night under the Tour Kick Off topic: http://www.facebook.com/johnmellencampdotcom Read More
10/28/2010 - John was interviewed by WTHR 13 Indianapolis' Scott Swan during his rehearsals for the Friday kick off of his No Better Than This Tour at the Indiana University Auditorium. A portion of that interview aired Thursday, October 28th during the 11 PM news. Other portions will air during the newscasts over the next few weeks. After the jump we have the text article and a larger version of the video.

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