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02/20/2008 - Veteran performer still goin' strong after 30 years in rock 'n' roll. Read More
02/19/2008 - The timing for John Mellencamp's cross-Canada tour could not have been better. Read More
02/16/2008 - Call him John, or Mr. Mellencamp, at one point he answered to John Cougar -- but, under no circumstances call him a Republican. Read More
02/16/2008 - It's hard to know if U.S. stadium rocker John Mellencamp was trying to make a point Friday night at the Saddledome when he opened an engaging set with Pink Houses, his American dream-deflating hit that is often misunderstood as a flag-waving anthem. Read More
02/15/2008 - John Mellencamp plays a rousing rendition of his hit Paper and Fire during his show at the Centrium Thursday. Read More
02/13/2008 - There's no such thing, of course, but if there ever were SASK-Aid, there'd be no more perfect headliner than John Mellencamp. Read More
02/12/2008 - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced that John has been elected for induction into the Rock Hall as part of the 2008 class of enshrinees. John will be honored at the induction ceremony on March 10, 2008 in New York City. Read More
02/12/2008 - He may not go down as easy, but there's no denying John Mellencamp is as American as apple pie. Read More
02/09/2008 - Watch John's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Live via Satellite in Cleveland with other Mellenheads! Read More
02/09/2008 - John's first full fledged tour of Canada in several years kicked off last Friday in Montreal. Read More
02/09/2008 - It's little wonder Republican front-runner John McCain was hell-bent to adopt John Mellencamp classic Pink Houses along the campaign trail - albeit much to the chagrin of the left-leaning American rocker. Read More
02/09/2008 - It's a wonder the walls of the Steelback Centre didn't come 'Crumblin Down' last night as John Mellencamp took to the stage to the thrill of over 4,700 fans. Read More
02/08/2008 - I'm not sure John Mellencamp knows his Cormac McCarthy from his Coen brothers, but he knows that the United States - and we can tell him Canada too -is no country for old men Read More
02/07/2008 - There was no Cougar in the house last night. Read More
02/07/2008 - Who knew that John Mellencamp, a heartland rocker in his mid-50s known as much for supporting political and social causes as his music, would still be so relevant in 2008, almost three decades after the height of his popularity? Read More
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