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Singer-Songwriter And Co-Founder Of Farm Aid John Mellencamp Supports Mike Bloomberg For President
02.05.2020 - Today, Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter and co-founder of Farm Aid, John Mellencamp is announcing his support for Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg in a new TV ad, praising his pragmatic approach to rebuilding America by revitalizing small towns and rural communities.

“The stakes are too high to not nominate the candidate who will take the fight directly to Trump,” said John Mellencamp. “From small towns to big cities, Mike Bloomberg has the experience to represent all Americans. He’s a job creator, philanthropist and true public servant, and I am confident that as president, he will restore America to a place we can be proud of once again.”

"John Mellencamp is one of the great voices of the American heartland -- and the American experience that binds us together,” said Mike Bloomberg. “His words and music have inspired generations, and his activism -- from co-founding Farm Aid to fighting hunger and homelessness among veterans -- represents America at its best. We had the opportunity to get to know one another through the film, 'From the Ashes.' He contributed a powerful song to the soundtrack, and the film raised awareness about the tragic toll that coal mining takes on local communities. He's an American treasure, and I couldn't be more honored to accept his support."

The ad featuring Mellencamp is entitled “Small Town” will run across digital channels and in relevant broadcast programming across 23 states beginning Wednesday, February 5th.

Born in Seymour, Mellencamp has lived in Indiana his entire life and been a champion for small-town values. He is an American singer-songwriter known for “Our Country,” “Pink Houses,” and the chart-topping “Small Town,” which was released in 1985 and became #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which launched a movement of heartland rock that celebrated family farms and blue-collar workers. He is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a recipient of the prestigious John Steinbeck Award. /p>

Mellencamp is also one of the co-founding members of Farm Aid, an organization that began in 1985 and for 35 years has held an annual concert to raise awareness about the loss of family farms and raise funds to keep farm families on their land.


Mike Bloomberg

Hello John, I want to start out by saying that I felt very privileged to work as part of the venue security staff during your concerts at Fiddlers Green Amphitheater in Colorado a couple years ago. My wife is from Indiana, is a huge fan and that night was the first time either of us got to see you in person. You gave a professional performance, a great show, a great thrill and experience! The fact that you are a hard working man shows. The reason for my posting is in regard to Mike Bloomberg's town hall on the Fox News Channel March 2, 2020, during which he said in regard to Trump, “We just don’t like his style. We just don’t like the way he talks. We don’t have a problem with what he’s doing. He’s actually doing things we agree with,”. In light of your endorsement of his campaign, (which I know you did not give lightheartedly), and his subsequent suspension of his campaign, I would like your take on these events and others. Such as Michael Bloomberg's audio comments from 2015 that have surfaced where he said police should focus on minority neighborhoods "because that's where all the crime is". According to BBC, he also told a think-tank that male minorities perpetrate "the real crime". With Bloomberg's original endorsement of "Stop and Frisk", and your song "Easy Target" in mind, these things make me question how Bloomberg could really be a viable Democratic candidate for President. I respect you John, and just would like to know your take on these matters, and where you think this leaves us in these current times.Thank you. Russell ***

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