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1. A Little Night Dancin’
2. Small Paradise
3. Miami
4. Great Mid-west
5. Do You Think That’s Fair
6. I Need A Lover
7. Welcome To Chinatown
8. Sugar Marie
9. Pray For Me
10. Taxi Dancer
11. Take Home Pay (Bonus Track)

1. Hot Night In A Cold Town
2. Ain’t Even Done With The Night
3. Don’t Misunderstand Me
4. This Time
5. Make Me Feel
6. To M.G. (Wherever She May Be)
7. Tonight
8. Cry Baby
9. Wild Angel
10. Peppermint Twist 11. Cheap Shot 12. Latest Game (Bonus Track)

1. Hurts So Good
2. Jack & Diane
3. Hand To Hold On To
4. Danger List
5. Can You Take It
6. Thundering Hearts
7. China Girl
8. Close Enough
9. Weakest Moments
10. American Fool (Bonus Track)

1. Crumblin’ Down
2. Pink Houses
3. Authority Song
4. Warmer Place To Sleep
5. Jackie O
6. Play Guitar
7. Serious Business
8. Lovin’ Mother Fo Ya
9. Golden Gates
10. Pink Houses (acoustic version) (Bonus Track)

1. Rain On The Scarecrow
2. Grandma’s Theme
3. Small Town
4. Minutes To Memories
5. Lonely Ol’ Night
6. The Face Of The Nation
7. Justice And Independence ‘85
8. Between A Laugh And A Tear
9. Rumbleseat
10. You’ve Got To Stand For Somethin’
11. R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. (A Salute To 60’s Rock)
12. The Kind Of Fella I Am
13. Small Town (acoustic version) (Bonus Track)

1. Paper In Fire
2. Down And Out In Paradise
3. Check It Out
4. The Real Life
5. Cherry Bomb
6. We Are The People
7. Empty Hands
8. Hard Times For An Honest Man
9. Hotdogs And Hamburgers
10. Rooty Toot Toot
11. Blues From The Front Porch (Bonus Track)

1. Big Daddy Of Them All
2. To Live
3. Martha Say
4. Theo And Weird Henry
5. Jackie Brown
6. Pop Singer
7. Void In My Heart
8. Mansions In Heaven
9. Sometimes A Great Notion
10. Country Gentleman
11. J.M.’s Question
12. Let It All Hang Out
13. Jackie Brown (acoustic version) (Bonus Track)

1. Love And Happiness
2. Now More Than Ever
3. I Ain’t Ever Satisfied
4. Get A Leg Up
5. Crazy Ones
6. Last Chance
7. They’re So Tough
8. Melting Pot
9. Whenever We Wanted
10. Again Tonight
11. Love And Happiness (London Club Mix) (Bonus Track)

1. Bud’s Theme (instrumental) – Lisa Germano
2. Cradle Of The Interstate – Nanci Griffith
3. Whiskey Burnin’ – Larry Crane
4. Common Day Man – Dwight Yoakam
5. It Don’t Scare Me None – John Mellencamp
6. Searchin’ For The Perfect Girl – Pure Jam
7. All The Best – John Prine
8. Hold Me Like You Used To Do – Qkumbrz
9. Sweet Suzanne – Buzzin’ Cousins
10. Nothing’s For Free – John Mellencamp
11. Little Children (instrumental) – Lisa Germano
12. Days Like These – Janis Ian
13. Falling From Grace – Larry Rollins

1. When Jesus Left Birmingham
2. Junior
3. Human Wheels
4. Beige To Beige
5. Case 795 (The Family)
6. Suzanne And The Jewels
7. Sweet Evening Breeze
8. What If I Came Knocking
9. French Shoes
10. To The River
11. When Jesus Left Birmingham (Bonus Track)

1. Dance Naked
2. Brothers
3. When Margaret Comes To Town
4. Wild Night
5. L.U.V.
6. Another Sunny Day 12/25
7. Too Much To Think About
8. The Big Jack
9. The Break Out
10. Wild Night (acoustic version) (Bonus Track)

1. Overture
2. Jerry
3. Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)
4. Just Anther Day
5. This May Not Be The End Of The World
6. Emotional Love
7. Mr. Bellows
8. The Full Catastrophe
9. Circling Around The Moon
10. Large World Turning
11. Jackamo Road
12. Life Is Hard
13. What If I Came Knocking? (Bonus Track)

1. Fruit Trader
2. Your Life Is Now
3. Positively Crazy
4. I’m Not Running Anymore
5. It All Comes True
6. Eden Is Burning
7. Where The World Began
8. Miss Missy
9. Chance Meeting At The Tarantula
10. Break Me Off Some
11. Summer Of Love
12. Days Of Farewell

1. Love And Happiness
2. In My Time Of Dying
3. Between A Laugh And A Tear
4. Human Wheels
5. Rain On The Scarecrow
6. Farewell Angelina
7. Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)
8. Jackie Brown
9. When Jesus Left Birmingham
10. The Full Catastrophe
11. Minutes To Memories
12. Under The Boardwalk
13. Wild Night (live)
14. Seventh Son (Bonus Track)

1. Cuttin’ Heads
2. Peaceful World
3. Deep Blue Heart
4. Crazy Island
5. Just Like You
6. The Same Way I Do
7. Women Seem
8. Worn Out Nervous Condition
9. Shy
10. In Our Lives

1. Stones In My Passway
2. Death Letter
3. Johnny Hart
4. Baltimore Oriole
5. Teardrops Will Fall
6. Diamond Joe
7. The End Of The World
8. Down In The Bottom
9. Lafayette
10. Joliet Bound
11. John The Revelator
12. To Washington

1. Someday
2. Ghost Towns Along The Highway
3. The Americans
4. Forgiveness
5. Freedom’s Road
6. Jim Crow
7. Our Country
8. Rural Route
9. My Aeroplane
10. Heaven Is A Lonely Place

1. Longest Days
2. My Sweet Love
3. If I Die Sudden
4. Troubled Land
5. Young Without Lovers
6. John Cockers
7. Don’t Need This Body
8. A Ride Back Home
9. Without A Shot
10. Jena
11. Mean
12. County Fair
13. For The Children
14. A Brand New Song

1. Save Some Time To Dream
2. The West End
3. Right Behind Me
4. A Graceful Fall
5. No Better Than This
6. Thinking About You
7. Coming Down The Road
8. No One Cares About Me
9. Love At First Sight
10. Don’t Forget About Me
11. Each Day Of Sorrow
12. Easter Eve
13. Clumsy Ol’ World

Released Date: December 10, 2013 on Universal Music Group

John Mellencamp 1978 – 2012, a uniquely comprehensive boxed set collection covering the legendary singer/songwriter’s principal studio albums, will be released by Universal Music Enterprises on December 10. Pre-orders now at ensure holiday delivery. The collection consists of a total of 19 CDs originally released over a recording career that spans 35 years.

John Mellencamp 1978- 2012, for the first time, combines in one package, albums Mellencamp recorded as John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp and John Mellencamp for Polygram, Universal, Sony and Concord-affiliated labels. The set contains a total of 223 tracks and includes such mythic album titles as American Fool, Lonesome Jubilee, Scarecrow, Cuttin’ Heads and the more recent Life, Death Love and Freedom and No Better Than This. Thirteen of the albums in the collection were RIAA®-certified as Gold, Platinum or Multiplatinum winners while ten of the albums achieved Top Ten status on Billboard’s Top 100 Album Chart. Of special note is the fact that the collection includes the long out-of-print original soundtrack album to Falling From Grace, the Mellencamp-directed film that was a collaboration with noted author Larry McMurty. That disc includes tracks by Mellencamp, Dwight Yoakam, Nanci Griffith, Joe Ely, James McMurtry and John Prine.

John Mellencamp 1978- 2012 includes every one of Mellencamp’s thirty Billboard Top 100 singles, from “I Need A Lover” and “Jack & Diane” to “Pink Houses” and “Rain On The Scarecrow,” as well as such classics as “Paper in Fire,” “Hurts So Good,” “Crumblin’ Down,” “Jackie Brown,” “Small Town,” “Wild Night,” “R.O.C.K In The U.S.A.,” “Our Country” and, quite literally, all the rest. There are bonus tracks concluding twelve of the albums, sourced from the 2005 re-mastered versions of Mellencamp’s Mercury releases.




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