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09/01/2017 - When John Mellencamp sang in his nostalgic 1987 hit “Cherry Bomb” that “we were young and we were improvin',” the implication was that, at his age, he was neither.

It’s hard to say whether Mellencamp, after a career of more than 40 years and now at age 65, is getting better. But his concert Thursday headlining Allentown Fair’s grandstand showed his performance skills still are great, and his music as relevant as ever — perhaps even more so in our troubled times and to an audience that also is no longer young. Read John Moser's of The Morning Call complete review after the jump. Read More
12/30/2016 - Lehigh Valley's The Morning Call ranked the top 50 concerts of 2016. John's show at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA on October 14th during his Plain Spoken Tour came in at number 3.

3. It’s fair to conjecture that, 34 years ago when John Mellencamp wrote the song “Jack & Diane” with its lyrics “Oh yeah, life goes on/Long after the thrill of living is gone,” he wasn’t envisioning a time when he would be twice the age he was then and still performing it. At F.M. Kirby Center, Mellencamp, now 65, played a 19-song, 95-minute show that included many of his early hits, but often presented them from an older, more wizened perspective – but made them no less successful. And with them, he offered newer songs that resonated perhaps differently, but just as strongly with a sold out audience that, like Mellencamp, also has grown older. Read the complete list on The Morning Call 

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12/30/2011 - Read John J. Moser's complete list after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "The two best concerts I attended in 2011 had a lot in common.

Each featured a veteran rocker at the peak of his ability to connect to the audience, playing precisely the right songs and performing them precisely the right way. And at each show, the artist played with palpable passion.

It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that the two shows that were my favorite were so alike. They were by the same performer, John Mellencamp, in February at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia and in November at Reading's Sovereign Performing Arts Center.

1. John Mellencamp Nov. 4, Sovereign Center for Performing Arts, Reading, and, Feb. 2 at Academy of Music, Philadelphia: More than almost any of his stylistic forebears, or contemporaries, Mellencamp has faced aging not with the sage understanding of a Bob Dylan or the sad searching of a Bruce Springsteen, but with the same defiance that has always marked his music. His shows were celebrations of that defiance — both were about two hours, with more than 20 songs each, including nearly all his hits. In Mellencamp's case, oh yeah, life goes on.
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