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06/05/2013 - Read Jon Pareles of the New York Times complete review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "Mr. Mellencamp illuminates characters and has them ponder questions of responsibility and truth, heaven and hell..."

"Mr. Mellencamp came up with superb songs for women, who respond with quietly glowing performances..." Read More
06/05/2013 - Read Randy Lewis' of the LA Times Ghost Brothers of Darkland County complete interview after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "They all wanted the happy ending. There's no … happy ending…. In my favorite movies and books and songs, there's no happy endings. Let's face it: Life does not have a happy ending..." Read More
06/04/2013 - After thirteen years of waiting, on Tuesday Mellencamp fans everywhere will finally be able to experience the John Mellencamp, Stephen King and T Bone Burnett Southern Gothic supernatural musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County when Hear Music/Concord Music Group releases the all-star recording this week!


Click "Read More" for all of the available formats and complete purchasing details. Read More
05/23/2013 - When one hears the words "southern gothic supernatural musical"--it's to be forgiven if the mind is blown somewhat, but there is a project out there that fits that description. And, it gets even better when one hears who spearheaded the idea!

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a work 13 years in the making, came about originally via a conversation between literary horror mastermind Stephen King and classic rocker John Mellencamp. It won't be available until June 4, but we at Yahoo! Music have an exclusive first listen to one of the songs. Enjoy "Truth" by John Mellencamp, and don't forget to tell us what you think! Read More
05/15/2013 - Listen to a song from the Ghost Brothers Of Darkland soundtrack performed by Ryan Bingham. The song, “You Are Blind,” was written by Mellencamp with libretto by King. The track was produced by T Bone Burnett. Listen to the Premiere at Paste Magazine
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05/02/2012 - blogger Bev Vincent recently attending a performance of the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. Bev, a Stephen King expert, has written a lengthy piece about the project and the many unique characteristics it has. Read the full story after the jump. Read More
04/16/2012 - Read Kenny Norton's complete fan review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Slickly polished, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County feels ready for Broadway. Whether or not that is its next stop is unknown, but where ever it goes, it is sure to build on the success it will see in Atlanta..." Read More
04/16/2012 - Read Dr. Wilson Trivino's full review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Mellencamp’s sounds serve as homage to the rockabilly Johnny Cash with a spin of good rock and roll flair..." We also have a video posted on the blog with brief interviews with John and Stephen along with a few seconds of the closing bows onstage where John came out. Read More
04/14/2012 - Read Curt Holman's complete review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Above all else, Ghost Brothers sounds like a dream — and occasionally a nightmare. Mellencamp's driving beats and catchy melodies, largely influenced by country, rock, and blues, have an instrumental richness and auditory clarity like I've never heard in a stage musical..." Read More
04/13/2012 - Read Wendell Brock's blog review of Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County Here is an excerpt: "Mellencamp digs deep into the soul of Southern roots music..." Read More
04/12/2012 - Read Bert Osborne's complete review of the premiere of "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County" after the jump here is an excerpt: "Their poignant ballad “Home Again” is just one of some 20 songs in Mellencamp’s rousing score, a fusion of blues, country and rock that’s superbly performed by Booth’s 19-member cast. Under Burnett’s musical direction, the sensational four-piece band never misses a beat.." Read More
04/07/2012 - Read Kristi York Wooten's blog on Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. Here are some excerpts: "The idea for “Ghost Brothers” began in Mellencamp’s territory of “Small Town” Indiana, where the “Pink Houses” songwriter became intrigued by a mysterious tragedy connected to a property he’d purchased there in the 1990s..."

"Although neither Mellencamp nor “Ghost Brothers” music director T Bone Burnett (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”) performs in the musical, the rootsy aesthetic they mastered on previous collaborations (2010’s “No Better Than This” and 2008’s “Life, Death, Love, and Freedom”) remains in force..." Read More
04/05/2012 - Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a chilling new musical with music and lyrics by John Mellencamp, book by Stephen King and musical direction by T-Bone Burnett has opened in Atlanta, GA!

The production began previews on April 4th with the opening on April 11th and runs through May 13th, 2012. Tickets are ON SALE NOW for the project, more than a decade in the making, through the Alliance Theater's website or by phone at 404.733.5000. We are offering a $10 discount off regularly priced tickets if you use the code MELLENCAMP10 during your ticket purchase.
Click "Read More" for the most updated news articles on the project, the casting announcements and to view the press conference.

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04/04/2012 - Read Bret Love's interview with John on his collaboration with Stephen King and how they got their unusual musical to the stage after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "we’ve had a great 12 years with each other on and off, and we’ve become really good friends..."

"Steve and I have done this before, but, under the supervision of Susan Booth, they really brought life to these characters. Quite honestly, we’re floored..." Read More
03/30/2012 - Read Wendell Brocks' feature on Ghost Brothers of Darkland County after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Haunted by the tale, Mr. Mellencamp decided he wanted to turn it into a musical ghost story. And when you’ve sold 40 million albums and need a collaborator, you can start with the best ghost-story writer you can find..."

“I got this call out of the blue from John Mellencamp, saying he wanted to write a play,” Stephen King said..." Read More
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