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01/06/2012 - Read Gary Goldstein's complete review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "The result is an unhurried, visually compelling look at a man and his music — as well as of a bygone America filled with shuttered downtowns and the ghosts of such late musicians as Elvis Presley and blues pioneer Robert Johnson. For Mellencamp fans, there are stirringly rendered performances of such hits as "Pink Houses," "Small Town" and, especially, "Crumblin' Down..." Read More
01/05/2012 - Read Joe Morgenstern's complete Its About You review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "I realized that the real subject of this film, with its philosophical voice-overs by the filmmaker and its haunting shots of decayed American downtowns, is the passage of time and the toll it takes..."

""It's About You" is an odd and touching little film..." Read More
01/05/2012 - Ready Molly Priddy's complete It's About You review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "“He dared me to make a good film. He said, ‘Kurt, you know I expect this to be a Sundance film,’” Markus said. “He’s got a very aggressive and challenging demeanor … I think he was just trying to light a fire and that was cool...”

"And though it began as a challenge, Markus believes Mellencamp, who he has known for years, also commissioned the film because he wanted to capture an important window of time in his career..." Read More
01/05/2012 - Read the Rock 'n' Roll Truth Its About You blog review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "In the end, the film sheds its light and shadows on both men and discerning viewers are the better for it. .." Read More
01/03/2012 - Read Jim Farber's complete review on the Daily News website. Here is an excerpt: "We get to watch Mellencamp recording his “No Better Than This” album, a spirited, flip-of-the-bird to modernity, recorded in places like Sun Studios and a Baptist church in Savannah with one mike - in mono, no less. Read More
10/22/2010 - Read Frank Scheck's review of The Speaking Clock Revue shows. Here is an excerpt: "Mellencamp, commenting that “this is for the children and the education they’re not getting,” superbly delivered several numbers from his most recent albums, demonstrating that his newer material has greater depth even if lacking the pop hooks that made him a star..." Read More
10/21/2010 - Read Jim Bessman's review of The Speaknig Clock Revue Concert. Here is an excerpt: "however, ably played it both ways. Accompanied by his splendid guitarist Andy York, he rocked solid with the ensemble on "Troubled Land" (Elson adding backup vocal support) and then did a beautiful solo acoustic turn on "Save Some Time To Dream," which he prefaced with a pointed dedication to America's children "and the education they're not getting." Read More
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