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10/01/2015 - We are pleased to announce the first one man show at the prestigious ACA Galleries in New York City, John Mellencamp: The Isolation of Mister exhibition runs from October 22nd through to December 19, 2015. The list of giants of American art whose careers were established or advanced by ACA Galleries would cover several pages. They are artists who have had something to say; a social conscience to express; a radical concept of art to advocate. Mellencamp found his visual voice in Expressionism. The German Expressionism of the early twentieth century, with its anguish over human brutality and corruption, spoke to Mellencampís deep feelings about social justice. Mellencampís imagery thus takes its inspiration from the same sources as his music: the struggles of the working man and woman, oppressive authority and social struggle. Read more about the 80 years of Advocacy for American Art on the ACA Gallery Website and read the complete press release after the jump. Please note: There is no entry fee for the exhibition

Sometimes There's God, 2014

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05/08/2014 -
(After the jump please see a larger version of each painting)

Four of John's paintings are included in New York City's ACA Galleries newest exhibit: Social Art In America: Then and Now.

"It is sometimes said that those who are creative in one field are also creative in another, and such is the case with John Mellencamp. Known primarily for his award-winning music, whose themes of working- class struggles and rural hardship are right in line with Social Realist art, Mellencamp is also a serious painter tackling serious themes. Uniting the Modernist and Realist traditions, Mellencampís canvases bristle with the anger and rage just under the shiny American veneer. "

The exhibit runs May 6 through June 27, 2014.
Click HERE to visit the ACA Galleries' site to read the complete press release and learn more about the past masters and current visionaries that are part of this exhibit. Read More




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