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11/03/2011 - Read Curtis Schieber complete Palace Theater concert review after the jump. Here are some expcerpts: "His odyssey has not only fueled the evolution of his music but peppered his songs with wry observations, folksy truths and a populist appeal that carries him still. Last night, the newest incarnation proved not only honest but often musically stunning..."

"the singer sounded like he lives inside the song..." Read More
04/23/2011 - Read Cam Fuller's full TCU Place show review. Here are some excerpts: "Stripped down and overhauled: It works for hotrods and Harleys and it works for something just as American — the songs of John Mellencamp..."

"Roof chopped and fenders bobbed, following a dotted line across a land of promises made and broken, Mellencamp is an American Classic..." Read More
03/07/2011 - Read Sarah Houser's full article. Here are some excerpts: "the legacy of a truly remarkable artist whose work has spanned decades..."

"Mellencamp has a way of making every person feel as if they are at a private concert..."

"Age has worn on his voice, but it has also added strength, providing a new sound to his well-known classics...."
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02/16/2011 - Read Darren Eagles' full show review. Here are some excerpt: "The intimate setting of Massey Hall provided a perfect backdrop for Mellencamp’s down-home, guy-next-door demeanor, and the crowd hung on every word. From parents there with their teenagers for some good feeling nostalgia to the 20-to-60-something’s, all seemed to be there for different musical memories, and Mellencamp didn’t disappoint..."

"seeing a John Mellencamp show with 2700 or so friends in an actual concert hall, instead of in a cavernous arena, was a rare treat that doesn’t happen often… but probably should..." Article link includes photo gallery after the jump.
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02/10/2011 - Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun gives John's February 9th Massey Hall Show a 4 out of 5 stars review. Read More
02/07/2011 - Read Lynn Saxberg's full show review. Here are some excerpts. "his voice had the power of an avalanche in a gravel pit...

"Backed by a top-notch band, the American singer-songwriter-guitarist delivered a two-hour concert that involved storytelling and comedy, but was primarily devoted to showcasing music from each stage of his career, .."
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11/17/2010 - Read Ross Finney's South Bend show review. Here are some excerpts: "the native Hoosier had the packed audience in the palm of his hand Saturday at his excellent performance at the Morris Performing Arts Center..."

"If a dangerous old man can continue to put on shows like his, there might be nothing better..."
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11/17/2010 - Read James Grant's Embassy Theatre show review. Here are some excerpts: "Much like the late Johnny Cash, Mellencamp is able to take the force of rock music and combine it with country, blues and themes of the American everyman to form a unique blend that is real and raw..."

"It was a great night of music – and a testament to how much Mellencamp believes in his songwriting and his willingness to change..."
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11/15/2010 - Read Andrews S. Hughes review of The Morris Performing Arts Show. Here are some excerpts: "So do rockabilly, country and spirituals, the other three main ingredients for much of his concert Saturday at the Morris Performing Arts Center..."

"Mellencamp devoted more than two-thirds of the set list to new songs and reworked versions of older songs, usually in one or more of those four styles, before ending with a rock set that was mostly greatest hits but still managed to sneak in two recent songs with full-band arrangements. .."

"It takes daring and creativity to do that, and Mellencamp and his band proved they have both — as well as the material to back it up..."
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11/13/2010 - Read Rob Nichols' review of the Hinkle Fieldhouse show. Here are some excerts: "good sound, a refreshingly patient and attentive crowd, and a tight, rehearsed and raw band that seemed to be enjoying their own performance..."

"A wiser, less caustic Mellencamp has emerged on his recent records. He understands mortality is part of life, and works to share with his audience those lessons - and that finding a realistic but fufilling emotional life is a constant, struggling quest..."
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11/04/2010 - Read Dave Paulson's show review. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp showed old-school Americana to be a remarkably comfortable fit..."

"The anthemic “Save Some Time to Dream” instantly brightened the crowd.."

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11/03/2010 - Read Chris Varias' Music Hall show review. Here is an excerpt: "The best was “Save Some Time to Dream,” a song he performed solo with an acoustic guitar. “Save some time to dream, ’cause your dream might save us all,” he sang..." Read More




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