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10/15/2010 - Read' No Better Than This review. Here is an excerpts: "No Better Than This could be the kingpin in this late-life, post-major label renaissance that Mr. Mellencamp is currently crafting..." Read More
10/05/2010 - Noted writer Greil Marcus muses on John's new album as part of his column in The Believer. Here is an excerpt, more after the jump: (4) John Mellencamp, No Better Than This (Rounder). Mellencamp had a ridiculously precious idea: record a set of new songs in the Sun studio in Memphis, where Howliní Wolf and Elvis once walked the few square feet as if it were the earth; in the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia, a stop on the Underground Railroad; and in Room 414 of the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, where in 1936 Robert Johnson faced a wall and sang ďCross Road BluesĒóand not just put the thing out on CD and vinyl, but do it all in mono. Read More
09/23/2010 - Read No Depression's review of No Better Than This . Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp is an artist whose depth continues to impress and surprise..."

"What this record (and yes, it is available on vinyl) shows is that itís not the recording, itís whatís being recorded. The primitive sound serves to focus the listenerís ear on the artistís lyrics and moods..."

"These songs capture a reflective time in Mellencampís life and the recordings serve to amplify his every thought..." Read More
09/22/2010 - Read Janet Goodman's blog review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp has released his 26th album, which is arguably one of his most creative efforts to date. No Better Than This, on Rounder Records, peels back his brash, rock and roller veneer to reveal a mature Americana artist with a gritty folk singer core and Dylan/Guthrie honesty,.."

"the graceful evolution of an artist who stays true to himself, never selling out, setting a new artistic standard that makes this feel like an important album..." Read More
09/15/2010 - Read Tim Murrah's No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "This is not a party record. This is a simple record and a truthful record..."

"Itís simplicity is what rings so true. No gimmicks, no digitizing, no drum machines or effects. This is just a man and his music. This has blood and soul. This is what music was, before it was ruined and simply served up as background to marketing..."

"you will not hear another record that sounds like this one this year..."

"Get some wisdom and pointers. Give it a listen..." Read More
09/10/2010 - Read Andrew Watt's of Australia's full review. Here are some excerpts: "the songs are absolutely authentic and amongst the most legitimate body of work in Mellencampís career..."

"These are songs that could have been written any time in the last hundred years and have had equal application to the writers set of circumstances..." Read More
09/10/2010 - Read John Corcelli's full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "The result is as sublime as anything Burnett has produced and Mellencamp has written..."

"No Better Than This is a welcome addition to the over-produced schlock that's become more popular on the music scene in recent years..."

"these tracks are as intimate and rockin' as anything Mellencamp has ever written..."

"what it lacks in fidelity, it makes up for in clarity of thought and transparency. You can't hide behind over-dubs and digital manipulation like most of today's so-called Pop Stars. Besides being an honest. well-produced record, No Better Than This is a work of deep inspiration..." Read More
09/09/2010 - Read Jeff Wareham of the LA Daily News full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "he tries to sound as raw and simple as he possibly can - and it works..."

"a fantastic exploration of history..."

"In an era of frequent overproduction on an album, Mellencamp and Burnett under-did it and made it sound cool again..." Read More
09/08/2010 - Read Bobby Reed's full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "As the Indiana tunesmithís music has moved in a folkier direction, Mellencamp has started to sound even more like his influences..."

"the albumís highlights make it a strong addition to Mellencampís oeuvre..." Read More
09/07/2010 - "Award winning music journalist Robert Kinsler and compatriot TJR host an episode of their weekly MusicWorthBuying video blog devoted mostly to No Better Than This...." Read More
09/06/2010 - Read Gary Graff's of Billboard Magazine full No Better Than This review. Here is an excerpt: "No Better Than This" sounds as good as it reads, with raw, in-your-face sonics that make Mellencamp feel like he's just a few feet away and intimate, thoughtful songs that rank with the best of his mature brand of folk-styled rock..." Read More
09/02/2010 - Ready Joseph Taylor's full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencampís new disc takes such an honest stand against the mechanization and digitizing of modern music that it makes recent discs by most other pop musicians sound contrived..."

"In a time of economic difficulty, Mellencamp has reached back to the Great Depression and found the reassurance of tradition and folk wisdom. When I reviewed Life Death Love and Freedom two years ago, I called it a masterpiece. To my surprise and delight, Mellencamp has topped it..." Read More
08/31/2010 - Read Bob Gendron's of the Tone Audio Staff full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "Mellencamp's latest offering, provides ample reason to tune back into an artist that, after two decades of making declarative Heartland rock and pop , is determined to leave his stamp on roots music-record sales be damned. It's a stance that demands respect, a decision grounded in integrity and , as it happens, engaging authenticity..."

"Throughout, the Indiana native strikes a balance between hard luck and righteous perseverance, almost laughing in the face of defeat..."

"he's a turned in his most inspired and finely executed album in an age..." Read More
08/30/2010 - Read Brian Q. Newcomb's full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "Together with this great material, the recording adds to this being the best work from Mellencamp all the way back to that "Scarecrow" album, and "The Lonesome Jubilee..."

"Mellencamp has come to terms with the complexities, the push and pull of human existence and made a truce that allows his art to deal authentically with the whole complicated mess..." Read More
08/30/2010 - Read Anthony Kuzminski's of AntiMusic's The Screen Door Blog full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp may be at his creative crest over the last few years and No Better Than This is a living example. While Mellencamp may be leaning his sound towards the past, heís capturing the ache of the world in lyrics that are full of cold fury and pleas for redemption..."

"Itís a rich record, steeped in the folk and blues of our countries past with themes that pinch you in the present..."

"Love, hope, desolation, broken hearts, desperation, consolation and inspiration spew forth in these thirteen songs but beneath them, one line permeates above them all; ďA dream might save us allĒ..." Read More
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