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01/28/2018 - John Mellencamp brings a particularly strong outing from his recent, acclaimed ďPlain SpokenĒ tour to Netflix, singing songs that span his entire career, from the pop hits of the í80s to his more recent experiments with old-fashioned Americana. But thereís a twist here that sets it apart from other concert films: Throughout the performance, Mellencamp is heard in voice-over, telling stories about his childhood and his early adventures in the music business. It takes a song or two to adjust to hearing what amounts to a DVD commentary track for a rock íní roll show, but soon the starís singing voice and speaking voice become an engaging duet, revealing the deeper meanings and motivations behind a great singer-songwriterís work. Read More
01/23/2018 - John Mellencampís self-narrated musical odyssey, Plain Spoken: From The Chicago Theatre surpasses the confines of a concert film or documentary Ė itís a portrait of one of musicís most celebrated songwriters. The cinematic film presents John, with his full band, performing at the landmark Chicago Theater on October 25, 2016, just 250 miles to his home in Bloomington, Indiana. The footage, serving as an undercurrent to his story, is blanketed with highly personal voice-overs from the man himself on his Midwestern upbringing, career, and his outlook on life. Itís more than watching John Mellencamp live Ė itís experiencing John Mellencamp. Read the complete press release after the jump. Read More




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