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01/05/2012 - Read Jay S. Jacobs' full review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "you would not expect a documentary on Mellencamp’s latest tour and album to be typical rock-doc fare. It’s About You is certainly not. .."

"It’s About You is about so much more than just the hits..." "The music is rather arresting – much of it the songs of No Better Than This recorded live on camera. It’s Mellencamp’s best work in years, greatly because of its lack of frills and pretention..." Read More
01/04/2012 - Read Nora Lee Mandel's complete review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "As the camera, for the first time, just looks straight on Mellencamp without a mike or guitar, Markus considers what he achieved through the film, who really is the “you” in the title, and summarizes with satisfaction, for himself and the mostly delighted viewer, “It’s about the music...” Read More
01/03/2012 - Read Stephen Holden's full review of It's About You after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "The “you” in the film’s title is Kurt Markus, and his sporadic commentary has the oracular tone of a prose poem..."

"Because Kurt Markus’s Super 8 camera is the cinematic equivalent of a single microphone, the film’s look matches the scratchy quality of its ancient (by rock ’n’ roll standards) sound. The crudeness brings out the elemental quality of music that digs deeply into the soil of working-class American life in songs that express the defiance, despair and nobility of people who refuse to go down without a fight..."

"the songs on “No Better Than This” convey this wondrous sense of mystery..." Read More




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