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07/22/2015 - Read Jeff Bakers full show review after the jump, here is an excerpt: This is how a classic rock legend gets it done in concert: Start with a money's-worth opening act, Carlene Carter... Hire a crack six-piece band, men and women, black and white, and rehearse them until they're tight as a bass string. Dress them like the professionals they are, in suits and dresses, and make sure they move in the country-bluegrass tradition: upstage for a solo, fall back for support, everybody forward at the big moments. Have them come out first and play you on, the way Merle Haggard and George Jones did it. Start with a couple of your strongest new tunes that show you're still relevant, mix in a few hits early on, end with a roaring river of your best stuff, peak after peak until the crowd can't take it anymore. Leave them satisfied but wanting more. Encores are for amateurs. You've played 20 songs in two hours and given more than enough. Pay close attention to everything: pacing, lighting, sound, presentation. It's about pride. You are a star. This is what you do. Own it. Read More
11/22/2011 - Read David Lindquist's full Clowes Memorial Hall show review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp has refined and improved what was already the best road show of his career..."

"Overall, the tour succeeds because it's something other than a long-running rocker trotting out his hits just as you've heard them dozens of times..."

"So let's say the 60-year-old Seymour native is hitting on all cylinders..." Read More
11/11/2011 - Read Jeff Walker's complete North Charleston Performing Arts Center show review after the jump. Here are some excerpts. "Faithful fans couldn’t have been any more delighted as Mellencamp took the audience on a two hour journey down a long and winding musical career..."

"Judging from the crowd reaction before, during, and after the show, Mellencamp's debut in the low country was a well worth the wait for baby boomers and music lovers alike. Mellencamp is akin to a fine wine, he apparently gets better with age. His voice and his persona still resonate with blue collar America..." Read More
11/10/2011 - Jared Booth of the Charleston City Paper reviews the North Charleston Performing Art Center show. Here is an excerpt: "Mellencamp delivered the goods to a packed house of long-time fans. The stage was set impeccably, with an understated, nostalgic theme, and fantastic production value..." Read More
11/03/2011 - Read Jenny Luth's complete Grand Rapids show review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "Bold and full of life, John Mellencamp was just as he should be on Tuesday night at DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids..."

"Suddenly Mellencamp came to life in a way that I had never seen in the larger scale venues of the past..." Read More
11/02/2011 - Read John Sinkevics full show review from the Devos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids after the jump. Here are some excerpts. "successful in solidifying his reputation as one of rock's most dynamic, charismatic stage performers..."

"the kind of guy who turns audiences into believers every time they see him, inspired by a singer who might be calculated but is never slick, and whose bravado and swagger – and rootsy songwriting – serve him oh so well in the spotlight..." Read More
10/28/2011 - Read Jordan Zivitz complete concert review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "If he was a folksinger at heart in the 1980s, he was a folksinger in body, mind and spirit as well for much of his Place des Arts show Thursday night..."

"the furious pacing left no time to breathe, although even now Mellencamp wasn’t about to pander..."

"Mellencamp – an old soul when he was originally fighting authority – has aged as gracefully as any of his peers..."
Read More
11/05/2010 - Read Evan Schlansky's review of the Nashville, TN show at the Ryman Theater. Here are some excerpts: "His voice, grainy and loaded with gravitas, remains as compelling and as affective as it was the day he recorded “Pink Houses” in 1983. It’s a voice that’s as distinctive as any of his arguably more famous peers, from Dylan to Springsteen to Petty, and like those artists, it’s attached to a man who has kept integrity high on his priority list..."

"Johnny Cash once referred to him as one of the ten best songwriters, and Mellencamp’s newer material didn’t disappoint in a live setting..." Read More
11/04/2010 - Read Jay Smith's full overview of the No Better Than This Tour kicking off at the IU Auditorium in Bloomington, Indiana. Read More




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