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07/12/2012 - Read the Sarnia Bayfest preview and interview with Andy York. Here are some excerpts: "It's like a family at this point," he said. " We can finish each others sentences, both verbally and musically..."

"It's designed to come bursting out of the gates, with some peaks and valleys when things get soft, then ramp up a little bit, then just go balls out at the end..."

"We ramp it all the way to 11." Read More
07/10/2012 - Read Stephen Cooke's Entertainment Writer for the Chronicle Herald complete Dartmouth Sportsplex review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Through it all, Mellencamp never lost the audienceís attention, keeping the tight rein of a Roman charioteer on his band, most of whom have been with him since the late í90s..." Read More
06/27/2012 - Ready Leith Dunick's complete review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "on Tuesday night, the 60-year-old singer proved himself all over again, taking his Fort William Gardens fans on a trip through his own personal rock-and-roll history, Indiana-style..." Read More
06/22/2012 - Gerry Krochak of the Calgary Sun reviews the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium show. Here are some excerpts: "From a fanís perspective, having the opportunity to see him in the intimate surroundings of the fabulous Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium made last night even more special..."

"Perhaps fearing the worst at the beginning of a two-minute power outage, he didnít miss a beat and began telling campfire stories of his grandmother..."

"Thatís a true pro!" Read More
06/15/2012 - Read Kristi Patton's complete Okanagan Events Centre show review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "When you have a legendary artist like Mellencamp performing songs that span his amazing career of rock 'n' roll to folk/blues tunes, it really can't get no better than this..." Read More
06/12/2012 - Read Kristi Patton's South Okanagan complete show preview and discussion with Andy York after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "ďI think John just continues to grow and move forward as a songwriter. He knows how to capture the imaginations of listeners. He has always been a very tuned-in songwriter to what is happening around him..."

"these songs just pour out of him. Iíve watched him write a song in five minutes. he gets inspired then we get inspired and it turns into a piece of work that we are proud of...Ē Read More




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