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12/23/2011 - John Mellencamp, Stephen King and T Bone Burnett bring their collaborative chops to Atlanta for a major musical premiere in April

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County should provide plenty of chills and musical thrills when it makes its national debut at The Alliance Theatre under creative director Susan Booth. Read More
12/16/2011 - Group press conferences about artistic projects tend to be lovefests, so it’s no surprise that the Alliance Theatre’s Dec. 15 presser for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County served as a mutual admiration society. “How often do you get a chance to work with this kind of trifecta?” director Susan V. Booth asked of Ghost Brothers’ principal creators: book writer Stephen King, lyricist and composer John Mellencamp, and music director T Bone Burnett. "Ghost Brothers" could even describe their working relationship. Read More
12/16/2011 - In crafting the new musical “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County,” author Stephen King and musician John Mellencamp set off down the twisted roads of the Southern Gothic and were led to Midtown’s own Alliance Theatre. Click "Read More" to read the full article. Read More
12/15/2011 - They're a trifecta of sorts who say they're trying to make their mark on Atlanta. Stephen King, John Mellencamp and T-Bone Burnett are in Atlanta to work on a musical set to debut at the Alliance Theatre next year.

“Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” will premiere in April. The creators say it’s a they say it's a ghost story of sorts involving tragedy and mystery. Read More
11/10/2011 - The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta announced the casting of "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County."

Ghost Brothers will debut at Atlanta's Alliance Theatre April 4, 2012, under the direction of artistic director Susan V. Booth. Performances are scheduled through May 13, 2012.

“It’s a pretty extraordinary thing when you get to offer an artistic home to Stephen King, John Mellencamp and T Bone Burnett," said Booth in a statement. "This piece is dear to these gents’ hearts and I’m thrilled we’re able to bring it to life at the Alliance Theatre.” Watch the commercial

After the jump we have details of those cast along with the key production people. Read More
05/26/2011 - The Associated Press reported on Stephen King's appearance at an Atlanta event promoting "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County." The full piece is after the jump, here is an excerpt from Stephen: “John had an idea that he wanted to do a play about ghosts in a cabin and how sibling rivalries and resentments are carried down from generation to generation,” King said. Read More
05/26/2011 - Stephen King made an appearance this week at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta speaking about the upcoming "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County" musical that he and John have created. The full interview is after the jump but here are some excerpts: "John was really adamant that he wanted to use a small group. And I said, "Like blue jeans music?" And he said, "Yeah, yeah, we want to get away from all the strings and the high tenor voices and the sort of melodramatic thing." He wanted to do a kind of country rock sort of crossover, more like "Big River" than the opera...."

"Ultimately what I wanted to do and what John wanted to do is kind of like the anti-"Spider-Man." We wanted to do a musical that had modest aspirations, modest casting, modest staging. Humble, but modest..." Read More
03/31/2011 - The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA this week announced the final pieces of the theatre's 43rd season. Joining previously announced titles is the hotly anticipated spring 2012 premiere of John Mellencamp and Stephen King's musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. After the jump read the complete press release. Read More
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