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05/27/2012 - Read D. Dominick Lombardi's complete Tennessee State Museum Nothing Like I Planned - The Art Of John Mellencamp review. Here are some excerpts: "Mellencamp paints powerful, impassioned, difficult and haunting imagery that will find its way deep into the mind of the viewer as it picks and prods memories, moods and impressions most would like to overlook..."

"Mellencamp maintains a truth that is undeterred, unique and stripped of any established views he deems to be weak or misplaced..." Read More
05/21/2012 - Read Joe Nolan's Nashville Art Scene interview with John. Here are some excerpts: "I wrote-up Nothing Like I Planned: The Art of John Mellencamp..."

"Had I simply made Mellencamp's images my own, marrying them to my personal experiences of his music? Or, had I looked into that final moment that exists between an empty canvas and a paint-loaded brush, shaking slightly in the hand of a chain-smoking rock 'n' roller who's made such a career out of defying expectations that he was now spending an evening being lauded as a maker of images and a spinner of stories, sans R.O.C. and K?

"Mellencamp: I have to paint. It makes life bearable. (Laughing) How's that? That's just what I thought, Mr. Mellencamp..." Read More
05/19/2012 - News Channel 5 Interviews Lois Riggins Ezell the executive director of the Tennessee State Museum. She discusses her longstanding elationship with John, and his current exhibit at the museum. Click HERE to watch the interview and view a tour of the exhibit. Read More
04/08/2012 - Read Michelle Jones' interview with John about the "Nothing I Like I Planned" exhibit opening on Thursday at the Tennessee State Museum. Here are some excerpts: "ďI donít really know about soul-baring stuff; Iím not that kind of guy. Iím a worker, I work,..Ē

"Mellencampís own use of color is impressive, especially the way he defines faces.."

"These are beautifully simple portraits, reflecting Mellencampís latest direction. ..."

"Paintings are never really done; theyíre just abandoned,Ē Mellencamp said. Read More




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