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05/25/2017 - The cover story features John, who discusses his collaboration with Carlene Carter on his newest album Sad Clowns & Hillbillies, the longevity of his multi-decade career, and how, even after all these years, he canít ignore the siren sound of the muse. The May/June issue of American Songwriter is now available for digital download HERE. Read the entire article after the jump.

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07/23/2012 - American Songwriter editor Evan Schlansky assigned Jim Beviglia "Jack and Diane" as the magazine's Lyric of the Week feature, offering readers a chance to take a closer look at the song and its history. We think Jim did a great job on these "two American kid's..." Read More
11/05/2010 - Read Evan Schlansky's review of the Nashville, TN show at the Ryman Theater. Here are some excerpts: "His voice, grainy and loaded with gravitas, remains as compelling and as affective as it was the day he recorded ďPink HousesĒ in 1983. Itís a voice thatís as distinctive as any of his arguably more famous peers, from Dylan to Springsteen to Petty, and like those artists, itís attached to a man who has kept integrity high on his priority list..."

"Johnny Cash once referred to him as one of the ten best songwriters, and Mellencampís newer material didnít disappoint in a live setting..." Read More
08/18/2010 - Read Rick Moore's of American Songwriter full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "he wasnít going away no matter how sick you were of ďJack and Diane,Ē and that he was the real deal: A midwestern farm town boy who was just as passionate about rock Ďní roll and acoustic music as he was about the rural way of life, and didnít care who agreed with him..."

"it doesnít get much more real than this..."

"Very little of this album pays attention to convention, which makes it that much more of a delight to listen to and support. At the end of the day, No Better Than This, like most everything else John Mellencamp has done, is about the human spirit. Itís about people, and Mellencamp continues to write and sing about them better and better with each passing year..." Read More




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