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11/28/2008 - Radio station WNEW has posted John’s Thanksgiving week radio special on their website for listening on demand.

Here is the setlist from the radio special:

Pink Houses, My Sweet Love, Check it Out, Minutes to Memories, Longest Days, Troubled Land, If I Die Sudden, Crumblin' Down, Jack & Diane

Click HERE for the play button to hear the full show, front-to-back without commercial interruption.

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11/25/2008 - John Mellencamp, Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Reviewer: Noel Mengel

The three singer-songwriters on the bill certainly have a common theme: triumph out of adversity.

Opening act Shane Nicholson, next-on-stage Sheryl Crow and headliner Mellencamp all have had to battle for respect and to pursue their careers on their own terms.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and also gives you plenty to write about. “Sisyphus, that’s me, I’m the guy always, rolling the rock back up the hill,” Mellencamp said before undertaking his first Australian tour in 15 years. Still, it’s easier to roll that rock when you have as many hits in the bank as Mellencamp does. Even though he’s been absent from our shores for so long, he took the stage looking much the same as he always has. Although he’s now 57.

The songs are well-preserved too, with the near sell-out audience getting straight to their feet as soon as they heard the familiar strains of songs s Read More
11/24/2008 - By Paul Cashmere - November 22 2008

A lot has happened since John Mellencamp last graced Australian soil. Not long after he was here last time, the first Bush was leaving power. Now that he is back, Baby Bush is the latest White House eviction.

Songs with America in the title sounded mucky under the Bush’s regimes. It is amazing how positive ‘R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A’ sounds again now that `the evil is departing the building`.

Not only did the Bush’s both bring the world to the brink of destruction, their dark cloud soured all that was great about American culture. I don’t think the average American ever realised how negative their country had been viewed from outside for the last 8 years.

It is great to see America so positive again. People like John Mellencamp have been responsible for painting the soundtrack to that landscape over the years.

Last night at Rod Laver Arena felt like a celebration of American music, with Sheryl Crow followe Read More
11/24/2008 - BIO brings viewers back to the Indiana roots of rebel, risk-taker and rock star John Mellencamp in the ninety-minute documentary special “Homeward Bound: John Mellencamp” premiering Thursday, December 11 at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT/10 PM PT.

His music defined a generation and this fiercely independent rocker recently earned a place in history as a Rock and Hall of Fame inductee, but through it all John Mellencamp never forgot his roots. Now for the first time, BIO follows Mellencamp as he travels back to his hometown of Seymour, Indiana, the ‘small town’ that changed his life forever.

“Homeward Bound: John Mellencamp” takes viewers through a present day visit to Mellencamp’s hometown to explore the local streets where the musician came of age, meet the people who inspired his music and journey with John back to the beginning of his career. From his early days as a struggling musician marked by hundreds of rejection letters and unruly crowds, to the embarrassing Johnny Cougar Read More
11/24/2008 - John Mellencamp’s July 31st concert at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles is the focus of a Thanksgiving Week radio special, to be programmed over some 160 stations nationwide.

Wildfire Media and Hear Music's "The John Mellencamp Thanksgiving Special - Live at the Greek" features 35 minutes of music interspersed with 15 minutes of interview material supplied by veteran radio personality Dan Neer. Highlights of the show include Mellencamp’s comments on the concert (including his surprise at never having played the Greek in 35 years); his reflections on working with T-Bone Burnett and the production of “Life, Death, Love, and Freedom”; observations on “Minutes to Memories” prior to his solo acoustic concert performance of a song he wrote at age 33, and his thoughts on “Troubled Land.”

The Thanksgiving special will air on multiple radio formats over the next week—sometimes as many as three times per market. Key stations include Q104 in New York, KLOS in Los Angeles, and WDRV and WX Read More
11/24/2008 - VH1 Classic will show “Life, Death, Love and Freedom,” a documentary about Mellencamp’s latest album, starting Saturday, Nov. 29. The program will be accompanied by a block of Mellencamp’s classic music video clips.

“Life, Death, Love and Freedom” originally ran in July on The Biography Channel. It was filmed and produced by Matt Robertson, director of Mellencamp’s online videos for “Jena” and “My Sweet Love.”

Robertson was granted complete access to the album recording sessions and conducted in-depth interviews with Mellencamp, producer T Bone Burnett, Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild and Mellencamp’s band. Following is the complete programming schedule, all times ET, please check local listings:

11/29/2008 8:00 AM Saturday
11/30/2008 9:30 AM Sunday
12/01/2008 2:30 PM Monday
12/03/2008 2:00 PM Wednesday
12/05/2008 8:00 AM Friday
12/07/2008 9:00 AM Sunday
12/08/2008 3:00 PM Monday
12/10/2008 12:00 PM Wednesday
12/11/2008 8 Read More
11/24/2008 - Music - John Mellencamp
Where: Rod Laver Arena, Friday
Reviewer: Neala Johnson

For a while there, it didn’t feel as if we were in Melbourne any more. Toto.

To the strains of Pink Houses, we were whisked away to Indiana – as good a place as any, given it’s the state John Mellencamp calls home – such was the Americana seeping off the stage, out of the songs, and through the performing style of Mellencamp and his six-piece band.

Something – maybe 57-year-old Mellencamp’s tendency to connect with his band more than his audience – didn’t feel right. But during Check It Out, it clicked: Mellencamps songs are iconic enough to do all the talking, and performing, for him .

Of course, Mellencamp then ditched the band for a solo acoustic, segment, and began yakkin’ his head off.

Not surprisingly to anyone who’s dipped into his music over 32 years of released albums, the man can tell a story.

The rocker, who foun Read More
11/23/2008 - Music - John Mellencamp and Sheryl Crow
Rod Laver Arena, November 21
Andrew Murfett Reviewer

Since John Mellencamp sold out the Rod Laver Arena almost 20 years ago, the venue (Flinders Park) and the artist (Johnny Cougar) have changed their names.

Johnny Cougar’s Lonesome Jubilee album was a multi-platinum smash with five hit singles regularly playing on stations such as EON-FM and 3XY.

Although the artist is still releasing albums, they are more refined roots and folks-based efforts, such as this year’s Life, Death, Love and Freedom his 18th original studio album, which was produced by the acclaimed producer T-bon Burnett. And the most likely place to hear Mellencamp on the radio today is classic hits stations Gold-FM.

So Friday night’s show had an air of nostalgia about it. While eager to splice some new material in, Mellencamp was conscious the 11, 000-strong crowd – largely baby boomers – was craving singalongs from Read More
11/22/2008 - No. 38 John Mellencamp - Life Death Love and Freedom Universal

John Mellencamp has been making fine roots-rock albums for more than 20 years, and pairing him here with T-Bone Burnett proved an inspired move. Life Death Love and Freedom explores the same adult themes as its title across skeletal ballads (Young Without Lovers) and spare shuffles (John Cockers). Mellencamp’s 60-cigs-a-day voice is the constant thread on this haunting exploration of the human condition.

Key Track: My Sweet Love

Click HERE for the full list of Q’s Top 50 Albums of 2008.
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11/21/2008 - 4 Stars - Here’s an artist who has regularly found favour over the years in this particular quarter, being the mid-western equivalent of Bruce Springsteen, advocating for the downtrodden and desperate losers of society. It’s a natural fit for Mellencamp, who’s had to fight for his artistic freedom on more than one occasion over the span of his career. It’s a style that has worked well over time, but on Life Death Love And Freedom it’s Mellencamp himself who’s the subject for the majority of the songs and, quite frankly, at times things get somewhat sticky. Make no mistake here, he’s an artist of the first order and a perfectionist for getting the sound that he wants; you can’t fault the production values herein. It’s that there’s something uncomfortable about listening to the self-doubts and confessed frailties of a reputable fighter such as Mellencamp. Maybe it’s just a bit disconcerting to see/hear the innermost human facets of his life? Whatever the reason(s), the man has earned the right to sing what he w Read More
11/19/2008 - Paul Mendenhall, of Bloomington/Indianapolis IN's 92.3 WTTS radio, recently had the opportunity to sit down for an in-depth interview with John Mellencamp, discussing the early years, the current state of music, John's forthcoming art gallery, and all-things Mellencamp. The interview is now available on WTTS's website via their On-Demand feature. It is very insightful covering many new topics John hasn't discussed in the past. Read More
11/18/2008 - Two of England’s top magazines have in-depth interviews of John Mellencamp in their current issues.

Classic Rock caught Mellencamp in England on his birthday “looking good,” according to writer Max Bell, who described him thusly: “Big, dark quaff, leather jerkin, white tee, blue jeans and work boots; he’s a man of the people crossed with Martin Sheen in ‘Badlands’ going a James Dean impersonation.” There’s also a great bit regarding Mellencamp’s continued ambivalence toward the country on account of his lingering disdain for the way his first two managers—both Brits—handled his career roll-out.

Mojo’s Phil Sutcliffe caught him at the time of the Elvis Costello’s forthcoming show’s taping in New York—and covered similar ground. His piece leads: “The restless voice of ornery America, John Mellencamp has spent three decades railing against injustice and conservatism. Now, on the eve of the US election, Mojo finds him contemplating his own mortality Read More
11/17/2008 - By Allen Newton
Why would any concert promoter want to use a venue other than Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley?

With the sun going down, an enthusiastic crowd spread across the lawns, a glass of wine in hand and two fabulous performers - Sheryl Crow and John Mellencamp - on stage, it doesn’t get much better.

Mellencamp isn’t one of those performers I would instantly put on my list to go and see, but the veteran hit it off with the crowd in a big way at Sandalford’s Evening On The Green on Sunday night.

Kicking off his first Australian tour in 15 years with two Perth concerts, Mellencamp showed off a delightful range of styles and easily developed a rapport with the sell-out crowd.

It didn’t hurt that his support act came in the form of Sheryl Crow, who had the crowd grooving along to hits such as All I Wanna Do and If It Makes You Happy.

While Crow was singing about “a beer buzz in the morning” the crowd was Read More
11/14/2008 - John Mellencamp-Live Death Love And Freedom (Hear Music) B

It takes a couple of listens to truly hear this new album from America's last true rock troubadour, John Mellencamp, but it's worth the effort. Mellencamp has long since stopped trying to hit the charts as he used to regularly do with some ease all those years ago. Now he's satisfied singing about growing older, love between two people that really lasts and his views on being a conscious person in his time left on Earth. Without a hint of irony, he relays these tales with a journeyperson's deft touch and his band is right there with him, along with respected album producer T. Bone Burnett. Well worth a listen.
— Jeff Monk
Click HERE to read this article online.
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11/12/2008 - John Mellencamp was the featured guest on National Public Radio’s “World Cafe” on Tuesday, Nov. 11th. The nearly half hour visit featured an in-depth interview along with solo acoustic performances by John of "Longest Days," "Small Town," "A Ride Back Home," and "Troubled Land". Click HERE to listen to John's entire visit and performance!

“World Cafe” is the premier public radio showcase for contemporary music programming with a broad range of styles including blues, rock, world, folk, and alternative country. It is hosted by long-time Philadelphia radio personality David Dye. Read More
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