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10/16/2008 -

It seemed only fitting that on the day that a new CBS News/New York Times poll found that a record high 89 percent of Americans—Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike--believe that the country is on the wrong track, John Mellencamp announced a new Web site exclusive solo acoustic video performance “Troubled Land,” the single from his acclaimed album “Life, Death, Love, and Freedom.” And in agreement with the song’s opening lyric “Well there's a pain in my side/But I keep travelin’ on/Bring peace to this troubled land…,” Mellencamp was himself greatly troubled.

From the rustic setting of his home in Bloomington, Indiana, he shared his though Read More
10/15/2008 - John Mellencamp's season of political discontent
The singer's candor comes through not only in his music but in his conversation.
By Tina Daunt - Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

October 14, 2008 - From the Los Angeles Times Click HERE to read online.

BLOOMINGTON, IND. — JOHN MELLENCAMP captured something about himself three decades ago when he penned the words, "I need a lover that won't drive me crazy." Someone who knows the meaning of "hey hit the highway."

These days, he could say the same for most of America's politicians.

Sure, Mellencamp is from the red state of Indiana, and he wrote all of those patriotic-sounding tunes like "R.O.C.K. in the USA" and "Small Town." But when it comes to matters of the country, Mellencamp is far from nationalistic. To say the least, he's fed up.

He thinks Barack Obama is t Read More
10/14/2008 -
Written by K L Poore

Overall rating: (weighted) 5.0
Performance: 5.0
Sound Quality: 5.0

John Mellencamp’s Life, Death, Love and Freedom is a mature, melancholy and mesmerizing work about all of the aforementioned, especially death. With emotionally appropriate production from T Bone Burnett LDL&F isn’t exactly “whistling past the graveyard” but it’s about as close as you’ll ever get.

After one listen I have resolved never to listen to it: by myself; in the dark; after a really bad day. That it was in a Super HD stereo format that is as pristine and as close to source as you’ll get outside of the studio helped jack up the spooky factor about a gazillion percent.

And the Death in the title isn’t merely our returning to dust. While it seems that Mellencamp is looking in a mirror and singing to himself, as on “Longest Days” when he accepts that “sometimes you get sick, and you don’t get better,” I believe he’s also holding up that Read More
10/14/2008 - John taped a radio interview for the BBC radio show Bob Harris Country during his recent UK visit the week of October 6th. The interview aired Thursday, October 16th at 7:00pm London time.

Click HERE to listen online.
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10/11/2008 - 4 out of 5 Stars
By Victoria Segal

When John McCain started using Mellencamp's songs to soundtrack his campaign, the veteran singer-songwriter firmly asked him to stop. Life Death Love and Freedom - a weighty set of thematic concerns in anyone's book - goes some way to explaining his feelings with a collection of songs that wear their unsentimental humanity on their well-worn denim sleeves. Jena, dealing with recent racism in a Southern town, and Troubled Land highlight Mellencamp's politics. But it's the dying-of-the-light laments Without a Shot and Don't Need This Body that tap into an authentic spiritual gloom.

Click HERE to read this article online.
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10/10/2008 -
John Mellencamp - Life, Death, Love And Freedom - Hear Music
By Nige Tassell from the November 2008 issue.

T-Bone takes the Springsteen wannabe into the black

T-Bone Burnett is in danger of eclipsing Rick Rubin as the producer an artist is most likely to call when wishing to re-route their career, whether it’s persuading BB King to dispense with those backslapping celebrity collaborations and revisit the music of his youth, or here nudging everyman blue-collar rock Mellencamp away from an FM-radio-friendly rock sound. Instead, Burnett leads the former “Cougar” into some darker corners, shifting into a lower gear to the accompaniment of delicate acoustic arrangements. Such restraint hasn’t halted Mellencamp’s career-long desire to be Bruce Springsteen II, though-tracks like Longest Days, complete with the requisites and paper vocals, could be off-cuts from Nebraska. What’s more, as refreshingly tasteful and considered as Life, Death, Love And Freedom may be Read More
10/09/2008 -
I'm a little weary of Jack and Diane but I can't hate them too much.
Life Death Love And Freedom
**** 1/2

I’d always put John Mellencamp down as a nearly man, nearly in the same bracket as Bruce Springsteen but not quite.

He’d shifted truckloads of albums in the Eighties. His Jack And Diane were the most celebrated couple in song.

He could sell out vast arenas, write an endless stream of multi-platinum albums ... but something was missing.

We’d seen Johnny Cougar the pop star but perhaps we hadn’t always seen the real John Mellencamp, the uncompromising, searingly honest artist he is today.

His new album Life Death Love And Freedom is, without question, the most compelling work of his 30-year career. It stares life’s big issues in the eye, unflinching and sincere. It rails against injustices and greed in the United States with unerring ferocity. It confronts the passing years and the prospect of death Read More
10/08/2008 - Earlier this week John taped a performance in London for the “Later…with Jules Holland” BBC-TV program. John's performance will air on the Friday episode, Oct 10th. Read More
10/08/2008 -
Q Magazine
By Anthony Barnes

US star John Mellencamp today landed the prestigious title of Classic Songwriter at the 2008 Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka.

The artist formerly known as Johnny Cougar – who celebrates his 57th birthday tomorrow (Tuesday) – is best known for his top 30 hit Jack And Diane and has scored a string of US hits over a 30-year period. They include the huge single Hurts So Good.

Collecting his award, Mellencamp told guests: “I wrote that song 30 years ago that Jack and Diane song and people are still playing it. The whole thing about being a songwriter is to show some humility when you are writing a song you want something that goes into people’s hearts … I’m still hoping to write that song.”

Last year the title was won by Billy Bragg.

Click HERE to read the article online.

Bil Read More
10/08/2008 - For Club News visit! Read More
10/08/2008 - John Mellencamp's next tour is Australia and New Zealand in November. Stay tuned for future touring updates! Read More
10/07/2008 - Today is John Mellencamp’s birthday! The singer turns 57 and he explained to us that as great as surviving is, there is more he wants to do.

 “I understand that surviving is a noble cause and I think that’s ok and that’s fine for guys who want to do that, but if I’m gonna do something, it’s not so much getting my message or my thoughts out, it’s just trying to get people to feel good about themselves and come to the conclusion that I’ve come to is that if you want a better world it starts with you.”

John will be spreading his word Down Under next month. The singer kicks off a tour of Australia and New Zealand on November 15th. Read More
10/06/2008 - John Mellencamp
Life Death Love And Freedom
3 stars
By Paul Ree’s

Among a crop of like minded American singer-songwriters to have emerged in the ‘70’s (Springsteen, Tom Petty, Warren Zevon), John Mellencamp is the forgotten man over here, and unfairly so. Life Death Love And Freedom (punctuation is for wimps, apparently) won’t return him to the US chart-topping status he once enjoyed, but it’s his best work since 1993’s Human Wheels. Like that album it’s a folksy, melancholy affair, producer T-Bone Burnett bringing the same intimate feel he gave to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s Raising Sand. AS the title implies, it talks the big issues, sometimes at the expense of melody, but there’s a handful of very fine songs here.

Download: Jena
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10/06/2008 - Be sure to visit the PAINTINGS section to see the new paintings just posted in the RECENT PAINTINGS gallery. Read More
10/06/2008 - John Mellencamp was awarded Q Magazine’s prestigious “Classic Songwriter” title at today’s star-studded 2008 Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka presentation at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

The award was presented personally by Q editor Paul Rees.

Best known in the U.K. for “Jack and Diane,” Mellencamp said in his acceptance speech, “I wrote that song 30 years ago--that ‘Jack and Diane song’--and people are still playing it. The whole thing about being a songwriter is to show some humility when you are writing a song--you want something that goes into people’s hearts…I’m still hoping to write that song!”

The title places Mellencamp in celebrated company. Billy Bragg won it last year, and previous winners include Elton John and Noel Gallagher of Oasis. Additionally, Mellencamp was in a group of other Q Award winners including Coldplay (Best Act in the World), Grace Jones (Q Legend), Adam Ant (Q Icon) and Glen Campbell (Q Legend).

Mellencamp, along with Coldplay a Read More
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