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08/08/2008 - Some of the best video clips to watch on the web are featured on John's official YouTube page. Click HERE for a primer featuring the best clips. Read More
08/07/2008 - Click for helpful tips to post "My Sweet Love" on your social networking site as part of our current contest. Read More
08/07/2008 - By Russell Baillie - Saturday August 09, 2008

Along with American social commentary, John's latest album also ruminates on his brush with mortality. Photo / AP
American heartland rocker John Mellencamp is heading here for the first time in 30 years during what's shaping up as a late-career renaissance. He talks to Russell Baillie

John Mellencamp has been working on a change of job description.
This isn't about amending the moniker of his early years, the "Johnny Cougar" handle he went out under in the late 70s - that was his then-manager's idea.

Back then he was a twentysomething rock'n'roll freshman, and he carried the Cougar name until his early 80s commercial breakthrough before he forced the switch.

That's now ancient history to the guy who says he's some 23 albums down the road.
An earnest but engaging talker, he peppers this phone interview from his home (60 acres in the rolling hills of Bloomington Indiana) with a Read More
08/06/2008 - John Mellencamp: No American Fool (Live In Chicago 7-22-08 Review)
Chicago, IL
Northerly Island

A John Mellencamp tour in the midst of summer is about as American as apple pie, cotton candy and hot dogs, yet six-years ago this month, I swore off ever seeing John Mellencamp again. Moments after he finished “Pink Houses” in Tinley Park back in 2002; I left for my car saddened as I felt like I had been taken. An artist I revered so profoundly was full steam ahead on a nostalgia train that wasn’t stopping for anyone. Nine-months earlier Mellencamp had released the vastly underappreciated Cuttin’ Heads and the show I saw was performed as if the album never existed. It was a frustrating moment as I felt that it was pointless to record albums if one never plans to perform songs from them in concert. How else does one expect these people to hear them in a day and age where music on MTV is non-existent and where radio is bound by rules and regulations that will Read More
08/05/2008 - The Summer 2008 Tour wrapped up with an outstanding show in Berkeley CA last weekend. Read More
08/05/2008 - John's critically acclaimed album Life, Death, Love and Freedom was released this week on vinyl for enjoyment by record and analog purists. It looks amazing and is a cool collectible. The vinyl version is available at select retailers, click HERE to buy it online. Read More
08/04/2008 - "In addition to being one of the best Mellencamp discs in recent memory, this is Mellencamp at his most intense." Read More
08/02/2008 - "At the Greek, songs from that album [LDL&F] were among the night's most compelling, rough-hewn and direct." Read More
08/02/2008 - "Mellencamp remains a rebel with a cause, determined to confirm the accuracy and resiliency of the viewpoints in his songs." Read More
08/01/2008 - “Emboldened by a Hall of Fame induction and his best album in years, the Heartland rocker is once again delivering profound, passionate performances.” Includes setlist, in-depth review and photo gallery. Read More
07/31/2008 - Mellencamp continues to speak for the people

By Tony Sauro
Record Staff Writer
July 31, 2008 6:00 AM
John Mellencamp makes his ambitions obvious with the title of his new album: "Life Death Love and Freedom."

It's not as presumptuous as it sounds.

The 56-year-old native of Seymour, Ind., who became a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10, continues to voice the hopes, fears and disappointments of regular folks living regular lives - often in quiet desperation and emotional isolation - during a distressing time for many working-class Americans.

Mellencamp's 20th studio album, it follows up on 2007's self-produced "Freedom's Road" (without a Chevy truck commercial, that is) with its mostly barebones, traditionalist sound. There aren't any obvious arena-rock anthems here.

T Bone Burnett, known for his rootsy, organic approach, was a natural choice as producer - placing Mellencamp's songs in unadorned fr Read More
07/30/2008 - Be sure to tune in Friday night to catch John performing on NBC's The Tonight Show at 11:35 PM ET. Check your local listings for broadcast time and channel Read More
07/29/2008 - "John Mellencamp still rocks after three decades at the top…" Read More
07/29/2008 - John was recently asked about his feelings about the importance of record stores, here is what he had to say: "Immersing yourself in the environment of a real record store where music is celebrated and cherished adds real value to the experience of buying music. In some ways, that retail experience is as important as the music." A limited number of promotional 7" vinyl singles for "My Sweet Love" / "Longest Days" with the purchase of copies of John's new album at SELECT INDEPENDENT RECORD STORES. Read More
07/29/2008 - More exciting news on the Farm Aid front this week. Tickets went on sale to the general public on Monday and almost instantly SOLD OUT! Also on Monday Farm Aid announced that they added Kenny Chesney to bill of this year's concert. Be sure to watch the Farm Aid WEBSITE for continued updates. Read More
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