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07/15/2008 - John's new album is featured on's Listening Party. Click HERE to listen to the entire album! Post your thoughts about the album on the Mellencamp MESSAGE BOARD! Read More
07/15/2008 - Check out the official "My Sweet Love" video; the first single from John's new album on The video was recently filmed in Savannah, GA featuring Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town singing with John. Click HERE to watch the video.

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07/15/2008 - Not only is John's new album notable and groundbreaking for the songwriting and musical content, it is equally acclaimed for being groundbreaking in terms of the music technology utilized. The release marks a high point for the music industry in the amount of options an artist provides to their fans to listen to their album for the standard price of a single CD. Read More
07/15/2008 - For John Mellencamp fans, there are few days more glorious than the release day of a NEW John Mellencamp album. It is always a long-awaited day worthy of celebration when it finally arrives. July 15, 2008 is here and we are very proud to announce that John's new album is available NOW nationwide! It’s finally here, folks, so get out there and pick up a copy of this critically-acclaimed album, and spread the word. Tell everyone that JM is, once, again, making new music and where they can pick up their copy! Tell them to check out all the awesome REVIEWS the album has received so far. Read More
07/15/2008 - The review for John's new album are coming in fast and they are EXCELLENT. Click HERE to see all of the major reviews so far. Reviews added on 7/15 include: Billboard, Indianapolis Star, Bloomington (IN) Herald Times, The Associated Press, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Philadelphia Daily News and more! Read More
07/15/2008 - Check out Jake Cline’s review of John’s new album. Read More
07/15/2008 - Writer David Lindquist reports on the new CODE format used on John’s album. Read More
07/15/2008 - ESSENTIAL "A Ride Back Home"

Fresh from induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the plainspoken poet of the heartland continues to prove why he deserves that honor. Read More
07/15/2008 - It’s one of rock’s great ironies that John Mellencamp is known largely as a purveyor of populist anthems in the vein of “Pink Houses,” “Small Town” and the like. Read More
07/14/2008 - Associated press writer Nekesa Mumbi Moody talks with John about his new album and the world around us. Read More
07/14/2008 - Check out the Associated Press’s review of John’s new album. Read More
07/14/2008 - In splendid form, Mellencamp refashions his old hits and new haunts. Read More
07/14/2008 - After all this time, John Mellencamp's lyrics still ring true; Artist to perform Friday at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston Read More
07/14/2008 - * * * 1/2 -- Life in the serious lane

Despite the expansive title, there’s no room for Jack and Diane, barn-burning dance tunes or Zippo-raising heartland anthems on this dead-serious Life force, one of Mellencamp’s finest efforts to date. Read More
07/14/2008 - One of America’s original journeyman rockers—a distinction shared with Springsteen, Fogerty and Seger—John Mellencamp begins his affiliation with superstar-laden Hear Music by pulling up roots and returning to the heartland. Read More
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