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11/02/2008 - John's two appearances on Good Morning America last week are available for online viewing. The Saturday piece featured a very cool interview with John, taped at his Belmont Mall studio as well as touring around Bloomington IN, with host Kate Snow.

Watch on ABCNews' website - Click HERE
Watch on YouTube - Click HERE
Read article based on John's interview - Click HERE
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11/01/2008 - Singer John Mellencamp Shows 'GMA' Around Battleground Indiana

Posted by By KATE SNOW and COURTNEY CHAPMAN on Friday, October 31, 2008

Sometimes the best way to see a state is with a local. So when ABC News' 50 states in 50 days project rolled into Indiana, we called up favorite son, singer John Mellencamp.
John Mellencamp

We all know he was born in a small town (Seymour, Ind., to be exact), and while chart-topping songs have helped him realize the American dream, he hasn't left the heartland behind. He and his third wife, former supermodel Elaine Irwin, now call Bloomington, Ind., home.

He can be stopped driving around in his 1956 Chevy Nomad. He says there's an authenticity to these back roads that you don't find in the big city, even if he disagrees vehemently with most of his neighbors.

"I never did really want to fit in, " Mellencamp said. "I enjoy being the outsider. You know I'm a loud talker and always have been e Read More
11/01/2008 - is going to feature fan reviews, photos and videos from John's Australia and New Zealand Tour! and want YOUR concert reviews of John’s current tour. Chosen reviews will be published in blog format in the JOURNAL section. Excerpts from the best reviews will be posted in a new feature entitled: “What the Fans are Saying” on Send your review(s)/blogs to with the subject line of Fan Show Review.

We are asking all Mellencamp fans to upload any videos taken at a Mellencamp show, with either their cell phones or cameras, to Full songs, partial songs, footage of you in the crowd dancing; whatever Mellencamp footage you have, we want to see it! Be sure to email us with the link to any clips as the best clips will be featured on! Click here to view our featured Read More
10/31/2008 - A video supporting Barack Obama using John Mellencamp’s version of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” is spreading virally across the Internet.

The one-minute clip presents a travelogue of America, including shots of farmland, skyscrapers, forests, small towns, highways and waterways—all loosely corresponding with the song lyrics—followed by quick portraits of a wide variety of Americans. It ends with the text “It’s never been more important to be one America” superimposed on a shot of the Statue of Liberty, followed by “November 4, 2008” superimposed on a shot of Obama at a rally.

The video has appeared on YouTube and Huffington Post, the latter site including a note that it was produced by Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby, the creators of “got milk?,” Hewlett-Packard and the NBA ad campai Read More
10/30/2008 - "Good Morning America" had interviews with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin on Thursday morning. But John Mellencamp may have made the most forceful comments -- in song and word -- as the ABC program visited Orlando's Church Street Station.

Mellencamp sang "Troubled Land" and "Pink Houses" at the Cheyenne Saloon. Chris Cuomo of "GMA" told Mellencamp that "Pink Houses" was as relevant when the singer wrote it years ago.

"I'm just trying to do my part, you know, trying to say something that might mean something to somebody and make people feel good about themselves," Mellencamp said.

Asked about the timely lyrics, Mellencamp said, "The American Dream has kind of been hidden lately. So I think that it's time for hard-working people to be able to earn a decent wage and realize their dreams. That's what this country was founded on. I believe in the First Amendment, and I believe in hard-working people."

The crowd at the Read More
10/30/2008 - Media interest in John Mellencamp continues full throttle with a phone-in appearance Friday (Oct. 31) on “The Stephanie Miller Show.” The syndicated radio talk show, which runs from 9-12 a.m. (Eastern) Monday through Friday and can be streamed from, will talk with John at 10:30 a.m. (Eastern).

Miller became interested in talking with Mellencamp after hearing his new single "Troubled Land" from his album "Life, Death, Love, and Freedom." Her interview with him comes a day after his appearance on “Good Morning America,” and at a time when his outspoken music and words are in increasing demand as Election Day nears.

Media personality/comedienne Miller is the daughter of the late William E. Miller, Barry Goldwater’s Read More
10/30/2008 - Following his live Thursday morning appearance, John Mellencamp will again appear on ABC TV's "Good Morning America" Saturday morning, this time via a recently taped interview for the program from his Belmont Mall studio. Footage may include an acoustic version of “Small Town,” as well as a demonstration of how “Jack & Diane” sounded when he first wrote it. Also taped was a ride through the countryside with GMA weekend host Kate Snow in Mellencamp’s 1956 Chevy station wagon, stopping to visit local spots including a farm and Indiana University.

The Saturday (Nov. 1st) GMA segment is also set to run during the last half hour. On Thursday's GMA John performed his new single "Troubled Land" and his classic "Pink Houses" live from Orlando, FL. Read More
10/30/2008 -

John Mellencamp’s new video “Troubled Land,” which debuted exclusively on The Huffington Post, has gone out to TV outlets—and can also be viewed here.

VH1 has put it in “large rotation,” meaning it will get 14 to 16 plays a week. The GAC (Great American Country) channel wil Read More
10/29/2008 - The John Mellencamp documentary produced for A&E’s Biography (Bio) Channel, formerly titled “Back Where We Started,” is scheduled to air on Thursday Dec. 11 as “Homeward Bound: John Mellencamp.”

According to the program’s production company Stage 3 Productions’ executive director of original programming Anthony Uro, the 90-minute program “really gives viewers an in-depth look at the John Mellencamp most people don’t see, because it’s not only about John the successful rock star. It also paints a very detailed picture of John’s early life and career before he was famous and the people, places and events that shaped him as a person and as an artist.”

Mellencamp was interviewed exclusively for the production, as were his wife Elaine Irwin Mellencamp and current and former bandmates Mike Wanchic, Kenny Aronoff, Miriam Sturm, Andy York, Toby Myers, Robert "Ferd" Frank, Dave Par Read More
10/28/2008 - John Mellencamp has been nominated for the 2008 induction into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in New York. It is Mellencamp’s first nomination from the prestigious organization, and is in the Performer/Songwriters category.

The other nominees in the category include Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson, Bjorn Ulvaeus (the writers behind ABBA); Jimmy Buffett; Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati (the Rascals); David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash; Ray Davies (the Kinks); David Gates (Bread); Yusef Islam (aka Cat Stevens); Tommy James; Steve Miller; Leon Russell; and Bob Seger. There is also a Non-Performing Songwriters category.

To be eligible for nomination, a songwriter must have an extensive catalog of hits that date back at least 20 years. Voting members of the Hall of Fame will now vote for two Performer/Songwriters and three Non-Performing Songwriters from the lists of nominees. They have until November 12 to submit their ballots, after which the new inductees will be announced.
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10/28/2008 - John Mellencamp’s newly produced video for his “Life Death Love And Freedom” single “Troubled Land” has just gone up on The Huffington Post. The heavily trafficked political blog site will show it exclusively for the next 24 hours—reportedly the first time it has ever premiered a music video.

The black-and-white clip, which was directed by Martyn Atkins and shot on location in Savannah, Georgia, can be found in the site’s entertainment section, via a post by blogger Mike Ragogna. As Ragogna notes, the subject matter goes beyond “the implied anti-war message” of the song’s “bring peace to this troubled land” tag line.

Juxtaposed with scenes of Mellencamp singing the song self-accompanied with acoustic guitar are stark shots of a tattered American flag, military graveyard, burning paper money, a gas pump with swiftly increasing gallon pricing, a man twirling a foreclosure sign, an anti-war demonstration, and finally, a naked baby crawling across Old Glory “suggesting rebirth and ren Read More
10/28/2008 - John Mellencamp will sing his new single “Troubled Land” this Thursday morning (Oct. 30th) on ABC's “Good Morning America.” The performance will occur sometime during the last half hour of the show, which will originate in Orlando as part of a GMA focus on “battleground” states.

John's performance will be at Church St. Station and it is open to the public if you wish to attend. Watch's homepage for any updates on Wednesday (Oct. 29th) as we get them. Email if you plan to attend and we will respond with any updates we have.

Mellencamp will also appear on GMA Saturday morning, this time via a recently taped interview for the program from his Belmont Mall studio. Footage may include an acoustic version of “Small Town,” as well as a demonstration of how “J Read More
10/23/2008 - John Mellencamp, who performed at primary campaign rallies in Indiana for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, plays off “ Small Town ” in a new radio commercial cut in support of Obama for use in his home state (click HERE to listen).

“I’ve seen a lot of small towns, and now I’m seeing small towns across America dying,” a soft-spoken Mellencamp says in the spot, which went out yesterday. “Folks losing their jobs and their homes. Eight years of George Bush has really hurt. And John McCain is just more of the same.”

Over the last eight years “Thousands of Hoosiers have seen their jobs sent out of this country,” Mellencamp adds. “But Obama gets it, and sees the value of American-made products and a strong American labor force.”

As the solo acoustic soundtrack of the Web exclusive video for “ Troubled Land ” plays underneath, he concludes: “Whether you live in a small town or a Read More
10/22/2008 - John Mellencamp is among several music and political luminaries featured in “Johnny Cash’s America,” a documentary that explores the Man in Black’s politics, beliefs, influence and patriotism. It premiered on the Biography Channel on Oct 23rd. Watch for future repeats. A DVD release is due on Oct. 28th from Sony/Legacy.

An inductee into both the Rock and Roll and Country Music Halls of Fame, the late Cash touched on some of the most contentious issues of his time--war, prison reform, youth discontent, religion, Native American rights -- while remarkably retaining an audience spanning vastly different political, economic, and social standings. In his comments, Mellencamp relates Cash’s concerns to today’s political climate in personal recollections that run throughout the program. Click HERE to learn more about the documentary and Johnny Cash.

Others interviewed for the documentary Read More
10/22/2008 - Southern California ska-punk band Reel Big Fish has recorded a version of the Mellencamp classic “Authority Song” for its next album “Fame, Fortune and Fornication,” to be released Jan. 20, 2009.

“I’ve just always really loved this song since I was little, and I think a lot of the younger kids will enjoy this version and be able to appreciate this amazing song!” Reel Big Fish frontman Aaron Barrett told “The words really sound like a punk rock anthem--it could have easily been an Operation Ivy song or a Sex Pistols song. Also, I have a giant list of songs in my head that I've always wanted to cover and this is one of the ones that has been way at the top of my list for a long time.”

Barrett also produced the album, which also includes features such estimable covers as Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” The Eagles’ “The Long Run,” and reggae pioneers Toots and the Maytals’ “Monkey Man.” In support of the disc Read More
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