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07/07/2009 - He Prepares for Summer Ballpark Tour With Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson - Written by Craig Shelburne

During a recent visit to the CMT offices, John Mellencamp was asked about the treatment for his latest video, "A Ride Back Home."

"Treatment? I don't know what that means," he replied. Luckily his duet partner -- Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town -- steps in.

"Well, he's the video treatment because he always comes up with the concepts, so he just runs with whatever he wants to do. It's not the traditional way of soliciting treatments," she explains, referring to the common practice of asking video production companies to submit ideas.

"Oh, I have never done that," Mellencamp says, softly. "I have made 50 videos. I think I did that one time, and I didn't like that experience. I made a video in 1984 called 'The Authority Song,' and I was on tour and I was very busy, and the record company hired some guy Read More
07/06/2009 - By Sean Clancy

John Mellencamp Life, Death, LIVE and Freedom Hear Music ABacked by a crack band, the former Johnny Cougar rips through (and generally improves the vocal performance of) eight of the tracks from his excellent folk-rock album from last year Life, Death, Love and Freedom on this tour souvenir EP.

These no-frill live versions of Mellencamp-penned songs have no overdubs or studio enhancements, and they reveal an angry singer in magnificent voice. Based on his recent work, Mellencamp sounds determined to bring tough-minded sincerity back.

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07/06/2009 - By Andrew S. Hughes - Tribune Staff Writer
SOUTH BEND — A hard rain didn't fall, but a persistent one did for about half of Saturday's concert at Coveleski Stadium by Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp.

For the most part, the inclement weather didn't dampen the spirits of the record-breaking concert crowd of more than 8,500 people, although the audience seemed most alive and energetic during Nelson's rousing closing set, after darkness and falling temperatures chilled the air.

The eclectic acoustic quartet The Wiyos opened the concert with a fun, half-hour set of Western swing and country-blues that fit perfectly with the music of the three headliners.

Mellencamp, of course, opened with "Pink Houses" and its refrain, "Ain't that America, home of the free," while violinist Miriam Sturm and accordionist Troye Kinnett provided the fireworks in the first of several intense duet instrumental breaks during Mellencamp's s Read More
07/05/2009 - Roots Rock - Sun Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

Mellencamp never plays by the rules. On his 2008 tour, he played several songs from his magnificently grim Life, Death, Love and Freedom CD before it was released. Now, he's compiled eight of them (three of which were recorded at his Toronto and Red Deer shows) into this superbly stark live set -- the first concert disc of his 30-year career. We'd ask for more, but why bother?

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07/03/2009 - One of the most eagerly anticipated summer concert tours kicked off big-time last night when The Bob Dylan Show Featuring Bob Dylan and his Band, John Mellencamp, and Willie Nelson opened at the GCS Ballpark in Sauget, Illinois.

Following Willie's typically easy-going and effortlessly crowd-pleasing lead-off set, John and his band took full control with "Pink Houses." The sun was setting on the beautiful 80-degree day, the stadium and field were packed, and John (looking cool in jeans, longsleeve shirt, black vest and shades) was clearly rocking in his first U.S. concert appearance of the year-not counting his special appearances at the Obama inauguration and Pete Seeger birthday celebration.

A slow, smoldering version of "Paper in Fire" followed, giving way to a revival of "Deep Blue Heart," the "Cuttin' Heads" duet with Trisha Yearwood that John looks to highlight on his forthcoming box set "On the Rural Route 7609." Here it was marke Read More
07/03/2009 - Daniel Durchholz - SPECIAL TO THE POST-DISPATCH
Bob Dylan's 2007 concert at the Fox Theatre provided an indelible moment when
opening act Elvis Costello joined the iconic singer on stage for an impassioned
duet of Dylan's "Tears of Rage."

With Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp on board for Dylan's summer tour of
minor league stadiums, the opportunity for special collaborations would seem
ripe. Unfortunately, none materialized at the tour's kickoff at GCS Ballpark in
Sauget on Thursday.

It seems silly to complain about what didn't happen during an idyllic July
evening spent outdoors in mild temperatures, listening to three legendary
singers, even the least of whom is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. But the show
lacked that special moment that would have taken it to another level.

Then, too, Dylan's set was somewhat problematic. His famously ravaged voice
ranged from a wizened moan to an asthmatic wh Read More
07/03/2009 - By Jeffrey Lee Puckett

John Mellencamp is getting the third-wheel treatment on this summer tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. But when the infield dust settles Wednesday at Louisville Slugger Field, Mellencamp will be the last man standing.

He's a compelling performer and total pro who paces his show like a perfect mix tape, and even the most hard-core Dylan fan won't resist "Jack & Diane." Mellencamp has always thrived on stage, but this is his first live album, and since it repeats the same eight songs on last year's acoustic "Life, Death, Love and Freedom," it's only $8.

Mellencamp recasts half of that album as rock 'n' roll and keeps the other half acoustic. The ruminations on growing old and living in a struggling America turn urgent and more immediate with a band. "My Sweet Love" is more fun, "If I Die Sudden" more scary, and all of it's more vibrant.

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07/02/2009 - 4 out of 5 stars
“Life Death Live and Freedom” is a riff on the title of John Mellencamp’s recently released studio CD, “Life Death Love and Freedom.” It’s a novel idea, releasing live and studio versions almost simultaneously. And it’s a good thing; these songs were meant to be performed live, they were written in the folk tradition, the troubadour tradition, in which a song traveled from one singer to the next, morphing along the way. Living, in other words. These literal soundboard recordings, with no studio overdubbing, have an immediacy that elevates them even beyond their original, already formidable quality. When Mellencamp sings about mortality in “If I Die Sudden,” “Don’t Need This Body” and “Longest Days,” you feel the physical and psychic aches. “Troubled Land” has a guitar bite that sharpens its political edge. And the closer, the gentle rocker, “My Sweet Love,” with Dane Clark’s retro-funk drumbeats keeping time, is, well, sweet. Mellencamp may be contemplating dying, but musically, he’s mor Read More
07/02/2009 - By ANDREW S. HUGHES - Tribune Staff Writer

It took less than an hour after The Tribune posted the announcement for the concert July 4 at Coveleski Stadium for a reader to respond that the three headliners are “has-beens.”

Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp are each many things, but unlike most veteran acts, none of them deserves that sobriquet.

As an example, if chart success means anything, Dylan’s “Together Through Life” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s charts after its release on April 28 of this year, as did his 2006 album, “Modern Times.”

Beyond that, and artistically more important, each of them continues to release new albums that add new layers of meaning and vitality to their careers and that demonstrate an ongoing creative inquisitiveness that’s rare — Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Neil Young all belong with them in this category, too — among most veteran artists today.

Here, then, are reviews of the most recen Read More
06/30/2009 - NPR is repeating John's March 2009 appearance on their "Fresh Air" show, Friday, July 3rd. The approximately forty minute interview was conducted by "Fresh Air" Host Terry Gross. John appeared via digital line from his Belmont Mall studio and performed solo acoustic renditions of several classics, songs from his latest album "Life, Death, Love and Freedom," and a few of his favorite songs from his youth.

The revealing "Fresh Air" interview is available for online listening via their WEBSITE and by clicking HERE you can locate your local radio station and airtime.
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06/30/2009 - F.Y.E is celebrating the release of John's new album Life Death LIVE and Freedom and his summer tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson by giving away an autographed John Mellencamp guitar. Click HERE to visit their website to enter.

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06/28/2009 - Kurt Markus, whose still work has put him in the front ranks of contemporary American photographers is about to embark on a film project that will document a journey he'll be taking this summer with John Mellencamp. Markus' extraordinary vision and focus on the American West has earned him critical accolades over the course of his 35 year long career in photography that has seen his work published in Vanity Fair, GQ, Rolling Stone, Travel and Leisure, New York Times Magazine, Outside, Esquire, Texas Monthly, Entertainment Weekly, Vogue and Best Life as well as overseas outlets. He was recipient of Life Magazine's Alfred Eisenstaedt Photography Award for his Rolling Stone "Sports Hall of Fame" shots of triathelete Peter Kotland.

This summer he will accompany Mellencamp with a classic Super 8 camera, capturing him on tour and as he records an album of new songs. Ian Markus, his son, is his assisting cameraman and will film digitally and capture sound. The expectat Read More
06/23/2009 -

John's new LIVE album Life Death LIVE and Freedom is now in stores! The album features live versions of tracks from John's 2008 release Life Death Love and Freedom. LIVE features recordings from Mellencamp's 2008 tour. Click HERE to read the liner notes from the album.

Life Death LIVE and Freedom track listing:

1. If I Die Sudden
2. Troubled Land
3. Don't Need This Body
4. Longest Days
5. Young Without Lovers
6. A Ride Back Home
7. Jena
8. My Sweet Love

This special low-priced offering from Concord / Hear Music is available at most retail and digital outlets! The CD version is available online at Read More
06/23/2009 - Tuesday, June 23, 2009
By Ron Wynn

John Mellencamp - Life Death Live and Freedom - (Hear Music)

While John Mellencamp was thrilling and impressive during the studio version of the Life Death Love and Freedom CD, he’s taken things to even greater heights vocally and emotionally on these live versions of songs culled from concerts done during last year’s tours.

Whether it’s “Troubled Land,” “Jena,” “My Sweet Love,” or “Don’t Need This Body,” you hear Mellencamp singing without reserve or inhibition, at times powering through the melody and turning the lyrics into vibrant exhortations, then suddenly switching the mood and tempo back down before reviving things again.

Backed by a fine six-piece unit whose two guitars, keyboards, violin, bass and percussion created fierce, percolating backgrounds, Mellencamp provided audiences with an intensity and soul not obtainable in a sterile studio environment.

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06/22/2009 - This week John's new album is featured on's Listening Party and on MSN's Music Listening Booth. Click HERE to listen to the entire album on AOL and click HERE for the MSN Listening Booth! Post your thoughts about the album on the Mellencamp MESSAGE BOARD.
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