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08/23/2010 - Read Mark Jordan's of The Commercial Appeal full No Better Than This feature. Here are some excerpts: "As he craned his neck up toward the single bullet microphone that hovered in the middle of the room, John Mellencamp resembled another singer who had stood on the exact spot at 706 Union more than 50 years earlier..."

"Sure, the Indiana-bred Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is shorter than Elvis Presley, and, at 57, his face showed the wear of 15 years that "The King" of rock and roll never lived to see. But there was a suggestion of Elvis in the sweep of Mellencamp's thick, greasy black hair. And when he and his band launched into the bouncy, mid-tempo rockabilly number "Coming Down the Road," the sound was so instantly familiar you half expected to see Sam and Scotty and Bill in the room as well..." The article includes several photos from the Sun Studio recording session. Read More
08/23/2010 - The Bloomington Herald Times newspaper has a Mellenblog where several Mellencamp fans document and muse about John's career. Read blogger Christine Herndonís thoughtful piece about John's new album No Better Than This. Here is an excerpt: "Iíve always been told that I can express what many of Johnís feel with eloquence, grace, and honesty. I hope this time is no different. His latest release is quite extraordinary and any words used to offer up an opinion should be nothing less than the same." Read More
08/23/2010 - On Monday, August 16th, during his interview on PBS' "Tavis Smiley" show, John, half joking and half assigning, told Tavis that he was the host of the October 2nd Farm Aid concert in Milwaukee. Tavis laughed after being put on the spot, but today it was announced that Tavis has accepted! Read More
08/23/2010 - NPR, for a limited time, is streaming the entire No Better Than This album on their website - LISTEN NOW. Additionally, NPR's Fresh Air re-aired John's excellent 2007 40 minute interview with host Terry Gross - LISTEN NOW. Highlights of that interview are featured after the jump. Read More
08/22/2010 - Read Jim Beals' full Mellencamp feature and interview on the making of No Better Than This . Here are some excerpts: "I wasn't in the songwriting mood, but sometimes songs are like monkeys on your back," he said. "Finally I wrote the first song, Save Some Time to Dream. It was simple and to the point and had a beautiful melody. After that, I had to get busy..."

"With these songs, I just let them write themselves. I let the songs present themselves and present themselves in an honest, sincere fashion. So I wanted to record them in an honest fashion, and quickly..." Read More
08/21/2010 - Read Rob Williams' full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "the process was perfectly suited to the material, a collection of old-timey roots, bluegrass, rockabilly and folk that sounds distinctly like Mellencamp, yet nothing at all like the hit-making blue-collar rocker has ever released before..."

"Mellencamp appears to be following his muse wherever it takes him, and the result is an album that will go down in his personal history as a turning point in his recording career..." Read More
08/20/2010 - Not only was John the musical guest recently on 5 nights of Tavis Smiley's PBS television show, he joined Tavis for an interview for his syndicated radio show "The Tavis Smiley Show."

You can listen to John's complete interview HERE along with a bonus question only for the web. Please note some Firefox browser users may not see the audio player load, in that case we suggest using Internet Explorer to listen. Read More
08/20/2010 - On ďNo Better Than This,Ē a lonesome tumbleweed of an album, he beats the Dust Bowl revivalists at their own game..."

"Heís always been able to bring down-and-out Everyman characters to life, and heís outdone himself here.."

"Itís the veteran rocker at his finest, squeezing some hard-won wisdom out of trying times..." Read More
08/19/2010 - John's just completed a week of performances on PBS' "Tavis Smiley." The five episodes included an interview and six song performances: "Save Some Time To Dream," "Don't Forget About Me," "The West End," "No Better Than This," "Thinking About You," and "Pink Houses."

After the jump we have an exclusive photo from the taping, video of the songs performed, and the complete audio & video from the entire week's performance! Read More
08/19/2010 - Read full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "Itís a collection of songs that feels like the record the kid who used to be called Cougar always wanted to make. .."

"and itís as successful as it is refreshing. The songs rely completely on his confidence and ability to write and sing, avoiding the temptation to add the unnecessary.."
Read More
08/19/2010 - Read Robbie Gerson of Audiophile Audition full review of No Better Than This. Here are come excerpts: "His music can be grandiose or minimalist, but the universal themes of family, country, love and politics are very complex and layered..."

"Recorded with a fifty-five-year-old Ampex 601 reel-to-reel tape recorder and one vintage microphone, the band creates a guitar-driven, austere sound, with a live feel. The gritty acoustics are effective and enhance the lyrical verve..."

"No Better Than This is destined to be an American classic..." Read More
08/19/2010 - Read Phil Gallo of's complete recap of John's performance at the Grammy Museum. Here are some excerpts: "The purpose was to go into places and take it back to where it began. What we were able to do was capture the moment. That's a problem with music today -- there is no moment. Everybody was in the moment.... Sometimes we got it in the first take, sometimes the third or fourth or not at all. It was fun to be a musician..." Read More
08/19/2010 - John was a guest on NPR's Morning Edition on Thursday, August 19th. John discussed his new album with host Steve Inskeep. Click HERE to read a summary of the article and to listen to the interview on NPR's website. Read More
08/19/2010 - John Mellencamp fittingly commemorated Tuesday's release of his new album No Better Than This with "An Evening With John Mellencamp at the Grammy Museum" Live in Los Angeles. Read's (and sometime blogger) Jim Bessman's of full event report from the show. Read More
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