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08/31/2010 - Long time John Mellencamp tour manager Harry Sandler is submitting some visual "iPhone Postcards From The Road" documenting John's summer Bob Dylan tour. Our second image is from Bend OR:

Click HERE for other Postcards.

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08/31/2010 - Read Bob Gendron's of the Tone Audio Staff full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "Mellencamp's latest offering, provides ample reason to tune back into an artist that, after two decades of making declarative Heartland rock and pop , is determined to leave his stamp on roots music-record sales be damned. It's a stance that demands respect, a decision grounded in integrity and , as it happens, engaging authenticity..."

"Throughout, the Indiana native strikes a balance between hard luck and righteous perseverance, almost laughing in the face of defeat..."

"he's a turned in his most inspired and finely executed album in an age..." Read More
08/30/2010 - Read Jeff Baker's full concert review. Here are some excerpts: "he is not a nostalgia act but a vital songwriter who keeps pushing his art in new directions..."

"Mellencamp can meet blues legends on their sacred ground..." Read More
08/30/2010 - Read Brian Q. Newcomb's full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "Together with this great material, the recording adds to this being the best work from Mellencamp all the way back to that "Scarecrow" album, and "The Lonesome Jubilee..."

"Mellencamp has come to terms with the complexities, the push and pull of human existence and made a truce that allows his art to deal authentically with the whole complicated mess..." Read More
08/30/2010 - Read Anthony Kuzminski's of AntiMusic's The Screen Door Blog full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp may be at his creative crest over the last few years and No Better Than This is a living example. While Mellencamp may be leaning his sound towards the past, he’s capturing the ache of the world in lyrics that are full of cold fury and pleas for redemption..."

"It’s a rich record, steeped in the folk and blues of our countries past with themes that pinch you in the present..."

"Love, hope, desolation, broken hearts, desperation, consolation and inspiration spew forth in these thirteen songs but beneath them, one line permeates above them all; “A dream might save us all”..." Read More
08/30/2010 - Read the full A- No Better Than This review by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazatte. Here are some excerpts: "To ears accustomed to overproduction and slick arrangements, it will sound primitive ... or refreshing..."

"Mellencamp’s story-songs contemplate life’s meaning and mortality with lengthy verses and are dressed down in period arrangements and production..." Read More
08/29/2010 - Jeff Vrabel, editor in chief of Hilton Head Monthly and a verteran music writer whose work has appeared in Paste,, Billboard, Playboy, No Depression, the Chicago Sun-Times and other outlets, connects the dots in his piece Hilton Head Monthly piece on No Better Than This and John's personal relationship to the greater Savannah area. It's on stands now. Read More
08/27/2010 - Read Craig S. Semon Tracks full No Better Than This Review. Here are some excerpts: “No Better Than This” is an instant classic..."

"Delving deep into the rich traditions of blues, folk, rockabilly and country, the album is uncluttered as it hearkens back to a simpler and more honest time..." Read More
08/27/2010 - Read David Gonzales' full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: The album also shoulders the weight of history..."

"Instead of a cross to bear, the historic locales seem to have had a liberating effect on Mellencamp, and he sounds thoroughly relaxed and confident.." Read More
08/27/2010 - Read Tom Wilk's 4 out of 5 Stars No Better Than This review. Here is an excerpt: "the album’s 13 songs have an old-time feel with its mix of blues, folk and country but deliver a contemporary message..." Read More
08/27/2010 - Read Drew Olson's full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "No Better Than This," which was released Tuesday on Rounder Records, is a stark, introspective throwback that is an impressively modest and more than mildly impressive collection of folk, blues and gospel with the sonic feel of an old field recording.."

"You can listen to it anywhere and feel like you're alone in a small room lit by a naked bulb..." Read More
08/26/2010 - John's new album, No Better Than This, is John's 10th top 10 album - it debuts at #10 on next weeks Billboard album chart! On top of its lofty arrival on the album chart, the album is #1 for the fourth week on the Americana Radio chart! Read More
08/26/2010 - Read Kristi York Wooten's on The Huffington Post full Mellencamp feature. Here are some excerpts: "But when Mellencamp set out to realize the musical vision behind this project, you know it had to be because he wanted to, not because he thought some stodgy music critic would froth over it..."

"Not surprisingly the frothing about the August 17-released No Better Than This has begun, and I have to say it's well-deserved..."

"As for the autobiographical elements on his latest album? With Mellencamp, it will never be about who's in his entourage or his bed, but rather what's on his mind and in his heart. He's always going on about something. As you listen to No Better Than This, you know the concepts he spends the most time pondering these days: life, death, love, and freedom, of course -- but he's now added grace, sorrow, memories and dreams, too..." Read More
08/26/2010 - Read Robert Kinsler's full No Better Than This review. Here is an excerpt: "The mix of folk and blues with tinges of gospel and country is magical..." Read More
08/26/2010 - In 2007 John visited a tent city in Toledo, OH raising awareness of the homeless which sparked the founding of John has continued his support not only for 1Matters, but all of those who have lost domestic autonomy in our nation.

Recently, John filmed a public service announcement for World Homeless Day and sat down to talk with 1Matters’ Ken Leslie, on behalf of Toledo Streets Newspaper, about homelessness, music, and progress. The interview and more information is available after the jump.

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