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10/14/2010 - On Oct 16 & 20 John joins Elton John, Leon Russell, Elvis Costello, and Gregg Allman, among others, to perform as part of T-Bone Burnett's Speaking Clock Revue in Boston & New York City.

St. Louis radio station KSHE ran the following sound clip of T Bone talking about working with John: T-Bone Burnett, who produced 2008's Life, Death Love, And Freedom and the new No Better Than This, says that he walked away from the sessions a bigger fan then ever of Mellencamp as both an artist and a man: "I love John Mellencamp, he is a powerful musician, and he rocks like crazy, I have to say. He's a really great singer -- we did the thing live. He's a great storyteller, he's a great songwriter, he's a terrific painter. Y'know, he's made a beautiful life for himself up there in the woods of Indiana (laughs). He's never left. Now he's a little like the madman up in the woods." Read More
10/13/2010 - John Mellencamp is joining the producer of his last two albums, T Bone Burnett, the man he referred to last week at the Americana Music awards as "his musical conscience," for a pair of shows in Boston and New York City in October as a part of The Speaking Clock Revue.

The shows will be revue style with a T Bone selected house band backing a wide variety of artists including: John Mellencamp, Elton John & Leon Russell, Elvis Costello, Gregg Allman, Ralph Stanley, Jeff Bridges, Punch Brothers, Karen Elson, and newcomers The Secret Sisters. In addition, Neko Case and Jim James from My Morning Jacket will join the lineup in Boston and New York respectively.

The Speaking Clock Revue shows benefit The Participant Foundation to support music and arts education in public schools. After the jump we have more details, ticket information and the full press release. Read More
10/06/2010 - Long time John Mellencamp tour manager Harry Sandler is submitting some visual "iPhone Postcards From The Road" documenting John's activities. Our sixth image is from July 2009 in Savannah, GA. The picture is from John's recording session at the First African Baptist Church. John is joined by longtime guitarist Andy York.

Click HERE for other Postcards.

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10/05/2010 - Noted writer Greil Marcus muses on John's new album as part of his column in The Believer. Here is an excerpt, more after the jump: (4) John Mellencamp, No Better Than This (Rounder). Mellencamp had a ridiculously precious idea: record a set of new songs in the Sun studio in Memphis, where Howlin’ Wolf and Elvis once walked the few square feet as if it were the earth; in the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia, a stop on the Underground Railroad; and in Room 414 of the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, where in 1936 Robert Johnson faced a wall and sang “Cross Road Blues”—and not just put the thing out on CD and vinyl, but do it all in mono. Read More
10/04/2010 -

Farm Aid 25 took place on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at Miller Park in Milwaukee WI. John performed a powerful set and was joined on the bill by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews and a dozen other artists. After the jump we have a collection of the video, photo, and press coverage of the event. Here are some highlights:

Of John's set USA Today said: "No set, start to finish, was better at Farm Aid." reported: "Earlier in the day, at a press conference held at Miller Park's adjacent little league field, Mellencamp said, not for the first time, that Nelson should be honored with a Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless devotion to American farmers. After all, Farm Aid is the longest-running musical cause ever. Willie, standing to Mellencamp's right, responded, "How 'bout the No Bull prize?""
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10/04/2010 - While at Farm Aid 25 in Milwaukee John was interviewed by DJ Dallas Wayne of Willie Nelson's Sirius XM satellite radio channel Willie's Place. After the jump we have a clip of the interview where John talks about his desire for Willie to get the Nobel Peace Prize as well as the complete interview. Read More
10/01/2010 - Here is the video for the title track from John's No Better Than This album. The video was filmed and directed by Ian and Kurt Markus and culled from their Summer 2009 footage. The video serves as a preview of the documentary It's About You which was filmed during the making of the album and John's tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. After the jump we have a larger version of the video.

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10/01/2010 - On October 21, 2010, celebrities and musicians will come out to show their support for a very special evening billed as “A Celebration of Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Camps,” at New York’s Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, featuring performances by the campers themselves along with world-renowned performing artists. Read More
09/29/2010 - Recently, John filmed a public service announcement for World Homeless Day (10/10/2010) and sat down to talk with 1Matters’ Ken Leslie, on behalf of street papers worldwide. Click HERE to watch the PSA and read the interview.

1Matters has taken the video of John's interview and interspersed it with clips and lyrics from No Better Than This. The piece finds John talking about progress, his first experiences with racism, the unique recording of NBTT, and shares the best advice he was ever given by his grandfather.

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09/28/2010 - We have posted the entire No Better Than This album in the jukebox at the top right of's home page. Click the pop out player to listen to the album while browsing the site! Be sure to facebook/twitter/tell your friends that they can check the album out on John's site!

The new album is getting widespread critical praise! We have dozens of reviews in the NEWS section of Additionally, several articles have arrived that include interviews with John that help tell the story of the new album and the Fall Tour: Read More
09/27/2010 - In celebration of Farm Aid 25 this weekend in Milwaukee, Farm Aid has been posting some clips from the first concert. Here is John performing the then brand new "Rain On The Scarecrow" in Champaign, IL on September 22, 1985. After the jump we have a larger version of this video.
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09/23/2010 - Read No Depression's review of No Better Than This . Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp is an artist whose depth continues to impress and surprise..."

"What this record (and yes, it is available on vinyl) shows is that it’s not the recording, it’s what’s being recorded. The primitive sound serves to focus the listener’s ear on the artist’s lyrics and moods..."

"These songs capture a reflective time in Mellencamp’s life and the recordings serve to amplify his every thought..." Read More
09/22/2010 - Read Robert B. Ker's review of On The Rural Route 7609 . Here is an excerpt: "showcases Mellencamp’s strengths—his knack for lyrical detail and an empathy for the working class..."
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