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02/20/2011 - Writer John J. Moser of Pennsylvania's The Morning Call connects with long time Mellencamp guitarist Mike Wanchic to discuss John's current tour. After the jump we have the Moser's article as well as his complete interview with Wanchic.
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02/18/2011 - Longtime New York Daily News writer Jim Farber previews John's two night run at the legendary Radio City Music Hall. Jim spoke with John recently about the tour and the inspiration for it. After the jump we have the full article. Read More
02/18/2011 - Writer Chris Klimek reviews John's Washington DC show. During his review the dubious reviewer is won over as preconceived notions dissolve over the course of No Better Than This Washington DC tour date. Read the full review after the jump. Read More
02/18/2011 - Writer John J. Moser of Allentown/Lehigh Valley PA's Morning Call writes about John's It's About You documentary and speculates that the film might include footage shot of a concert stop at Allentown's Coca Cola Park. Moser has a few more Mellencamp pieces coming up in the next few days in advance of John's concert in the area. After the jump we have his full piece. Read More
02/18/2011 - Read News Journal writer Peter Bothum preview of John's Philadelphia PA show. The article includes an interview with long time Mellencamp guitarist Mike Wanchic who explains the variety in sounds and styles the show features. The full article is available after the jump. Read More
02/16/2011 - Read Darren Eagles' full show review. Here are some excerpt: "The intimate setting of Massey Hall provided a perfect backdrop for Mellencamp’s down-home, guy-next-door demeanor, and the crowd hung on every word. From parents there with their teenagers for some good feeling nostalgia to the 20-to-60-something’s, all seemed to be there for different musical memories, and Mellencamp didn’t disappoint..."

"seeing a John Mellencamp show with 2700 or so friends in an actual concert hall, instead of in a cavernous arena, was a rare treat that doesn’t happen often… but probably should..." Article link includes photo gallery after the jump.
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02/16/2011 - Kurt Markus, whose work as a still photographer has put him in the front ranks of contemporary American visual artists, is the visionary filmmaker behind It’s About You. The film will premiere as one of the featured selections chosen for the 2011 SXSW® Film Conference and Festival on Saturday, March 12th at the Alamo Ritz 1 at 6:30 PM followed by a Q+A session with the filmmakers and John Mellencamp thereafter. It will also screen on Sunday, March 13 at 1:30 PM at the Rollins Studio Theatre in the Long Center For The Performing Arts. It’s About You, An American Documentary Showcase selection, will be featured at the Nashville Film Festival next month. After the jump read the full press release

It's About You Trailer

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02/15/2011 - Long time John Mellencamp tour manager Harry Sandler is submitting photos documenting the No Better Than This Tour and his career in the music industry. Our latest images are video stills from John's video, 'Human Wheels'. After the jump we have several additional photos from the day of the shoot.

The video shoot was in Nashville, Indiana, circa 1994. The church in the background is only about 12' tall, the model was 6' and the muscle man around 4' tall. Look for more photos in the coming weeks as the No Better Than This Tour progress across the East Coast, West Coast and Canada.

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02/10/2011 - Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun gives John's February 9th Massey Hall Show a 4 out of 5 stars review. Read More
02/10/2011 - Blogger Harley Pruett offers Canadian readers some insight into evolution of John's music and presentation.. Read More
02/10/2011 - Read Brad Wheeler's full review. Here is an excerpt: "he offered gruffly that “This getting old ain’t for cowards.” Mellencamp isn’t one of those, a coward; he throws cherry bombs at authority, lives fully, moves forward and makes dignified music..." Read More
02/07/2011 - Read Lynn Saxberg's full show review. Here are some excerpts. "his voice had the power of an avalanche in a gravel pit...

"Backed by a top-notch band, the American singer-songwriter-guitarist delivered a two-hour concert that involved storytelling and comedy, but was primarily devoted to showcasing music from each stage of his career, .."
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02/05/2011 - When John taped A&E's Private Sessions With Lynn Hoffman in December he warmed up for the session by playing a song called "Delia" first recorded by Blind Willie McTell 71 years ago as part of producer Alan Lomax's sessions for the Library of Congress. John recently raved about the song to Rolling Stone Online. After the jump we have a larger version of the video.

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02/05/2011 - During a soundcheck for an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in December, John Mellencamp performed "Delia," a ballad originally recorded 71 years ago by Blind Willie McTell. Mellencamp warmed up with it again at a recent taping for A&E's Private Sessions with Lynn Hoffman.

Back in December, in his dressing room on the sixth floor of the Letterman taping, a gravel-voiced Mellencamp sipped from a bottle of chocolate milk and explained why he’s been playing the blues classic. "If you go back and look at American music, like 'Delia' for example, it was all about death, it was all about suffering," Mellencamp tells Rolling Stone. "That's why they call it the blues. In today's world, we've had so many candy-coated songs that have become popular music."

Like much of Mellencamp's recent material, the song takes a close look at mortality, but he doesn't see it as dark. "People say, 'Oh my God! He's talking about dying, Oh my God! He's talking about sorrow,'" he says. "Then it's like people hang this tag on it as dark. The original American songs were always dark. There was probably a couple happy ones I assume, but my research has always led me to these types of songs. And I think these types of songs are more of what we hide from then we want to admit. I don't know what people think. I don't know what they think because I don't read the songs that way. You just saw me play 'Delia.' I mean, did I sing it sad? You know, it's a sad fucking song."
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02/05/2011 - Read Sarah Rodman's full Lowell, MA show review. Here are some excerpts: "Mellencamp took a leap of faith with his set list. The joy of that liberation was palpable..."

"the sold-out crowd happily took the leap with him.. " Read More
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