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06/15/2012 - Phillip Sayblack of WNCT Channel 9 reviews John Mellencamp It's About You Here are some excerpts: "When a documentarian can make a film that keeps the audience's attention for just over an hour (especially with a music documentary), that's proof of a well made documentary. And that's exactly what this work is..."

"an insightful look into how this music legend makes music, and his life on the road..." Read More
06/15/2012 - Read Kristi Patton's complete Okanagan Events Centre show review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "When you have a legendary artist like Mellencamp performing songs that span his amazing career of rock 'n' roll to folk/blues tunes, it really can't get no better than this..." Read More
06/15/2012 - Read Kevin Mills complete interview with Andy after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "Working with Mellencamp is a collaborative experience according to York who said ideas flow freely throughout the group..."

ďJohn is open to a lot of ideas and John also has a lot of really great ideas. I think heís a master arranger...Ē Read More
06/14/2012 - Following the recent release of the documentary film It's About You on Bluray and DVD there have been numerous reviews of the film and release. Visit the NEWS page to read them! Read More
06/13/2012 - Read Lesley Leroux's interview with Mike Wanchic after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "Itís nothing short of hits. But it also gives us an opportunity, from an artistic standpoint, to push a little bit ó to keep us alive and vital as musicians, and John as a songwriter..."

"Wanchic says the reason heís been able to work with Mellencamp for all these years is because the music and life donít always separate..." ďThereís a brotherhood,Ē he says. ďYou know, we grew up experiencing life together as young cavalier men. Then growing into adulthood, having children at the same time, watching grandparents and friends die at the same time. Itís just a life shared...Ē

That bond extends right across the band, Wanchic says, which he hopes will make for a great show that will leave fans satisfied. Read More
06/12/2012 - Read the 4 out of 5 star complete review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: " Itís a visual postcard of America, a bygone America or the America of books like some stream of consciousness Kerouac novel. Itís visual beauty is at once recognizable by the visual cues of Americana, inspiring, and heartening in its depictions of prosperity and decay. This is a marvelous little indie film that is more than a film about music, itís a film about the American landscape, the American experience."

"An excellent film that not only encapsulates the decades of Mellencampís career, but tells a beautiful story about the country he has been fighting for his entire career. "

Click HERE to read the review online and view screen captures from the film.  Read More
06/12/2012 - Read Kristi Patton's South Okanagan complete show preview and discussion with Andy York after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "ďI think John just continues to grow and move forward as a songwriter. He knows how to capture the imaginations of listeners. He has always been a very tuned-in songwriter to what is happening around him..."

"these songs just pour out of him. Iíve watched him write a song in five minutes. he gets inspired then we get inspired and it turns into a piece of work that we are proud of...Ē Read More
06/06/2012 - Public tickets go on sale via TicketMaster on Friday, June 8th at 10 AM local venue time.

Visit the TOUR section for complete details, and ticket prices. Click the small blue information icon for show-specific information. Read More
06/05/2012 - John Mellencamp will receive the prestigious John Steinbeck Award, "in the souls of the people" on Monday, July 30th, at the historic California Theatre in San Jose. Thomas Steinbeck will present the John Steinbeck Award to John at an event titled "A Conversation and Special Performance" the evening will include a talk with Mellencamp, moderated by Robert Santelli, executive director of the Grammy Museum, and musical performance.

The John Steinbeck Award has been called "a beacon for the left" and its list of recipients "a who's who of disturbers." Previous recipients of the John Steinbeck Award are: Bruce Springsteen, Arthur Miller, Studs Terkel, Dolores Huerta, John Sayles, Jackson Browne, Garrison Keillor, Joan Baez, Michael Moore, Sean Penn, and Rachel Maddow.

John Mellencamp commented, "John Steinbeck's remarkable ability to give voice to the common man and to people on society's margins, to describe their plight and aspirations, continues to inspire us more than a century after his birth. I'm very honored to be the recipient of an award given in his name." Tickets are on sale NOW at Ticketmaster. Click "Read More" to read the complete press release Read More
06/05/2012 - Seven lucky winners will receive a copy of John Mellencamp, Itís About You A Film By Kurt and Ian Markus DVD, a No Better Than This T-shirt, an It's About You exclusive Autographed Poster and the No Better Than This CD!

Step 1: Put "I want an It's About You prize pack" in your facebook status.
Step 2: Once you update your status with "I want an It's About Your prize pack" reply  -"No Better Than This" to the contest thread on John's facebook page.


Via lottery, winners will be selected by end of the day on Monday, June 18th, 2012 with the winners being announced on Tuesday, June 19th.

Read More
06/04/2012 - John Mellencamp is captured on film by as he creates one of his most acclaimed records, No Better Than This. It's About Youís co-directors, famed photographer Kurt Marcus and his son Ian, travel along with John Mellencamp on his 2009 concert tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson.

Beyond the concerts and the travel in-between they also film the writing and recording of Mellencampís universally acclaimed 2010 album No Better Than This, the sessions for which took place at several American musical landmarks. We see Mellencamp at Sun Studio in Memphis, where Elvis Presley recorded his breakthrough classics, and recording (with a mono tape recorder more than half a century old) in the same San Antonio hotel room where legendary bluesman Robert Johnson created his seminal work.

The Markuses shoot in Super 8 to visually echo the authentic Americana that resonates in Mellencampís music. Along the way, the rocker reveals an emotional and contemplative side never before seen by the public, in a career-spanning film that becomes a soulful meditation on his beloved heartland.

It's About You, is available now for in Store on Bluray or DVD. After the jump you can see clips from the film, read the press release and learn more. Read More

06/04/2012 - Read Jill Connor's complete discussion with John after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "I donít paint for anybody..."

"I donít need to paint for anybody, you know, as long as I look at it and think I like it, then thatís good enough for me, because I have never really intended to sell anything..." Read More
05/27/2012 - Read D. Dominick Lombardi's complete Tennessee State Museum Nothing Like I Planned - The Art Of John Mellencamp review. Here are some excerpts: "Mellencamp paints powerful, impassioned, difficult and haunting imagery that will find its way deep into the mind of the viewer as it picks and prods memories, moods and impressions most would like to overlook..."

"Mellencamp maintains a truth that is undeterred, unique and stripped of any established views he deems to be weak or misplaced..." Read More
05/22/2012 - An Intimate Portrait of a modern music legend and the hartland america that bred and inspires him. John Mellencamp: It's About You The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Is Seen in Concert and Recording His Latest Album in the Revealing Film, Coming to MPI Blu-ray and DVD on June 5, 2012 Read More
05/21/2012 - Read Joe Nolan's Nashville Art Scene interview with John. Here are some excerpts: "I wrote-up Nothing Like I Planned: The Art of John Mellencamp..."

"Had I simply made Mellencamp's images my own, marrying them to my personal experiences of his music? Or, had I looked into that final moment that exists between an empty canvas and a paint-loaded brush, shaking slightly in the hand of a chain-smoking rock 'n' roller who's made such a career out of defying expectations that he was now spending an evening being lauded as a maker of images and a spinner of stories, sans R.O.C. and K?

"Mellencamp: I have to paint. It makes life bearable. (Laughing) How's that? That's just what I thought, Mr. Mellencamp..." Read More
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