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06/27/2012 - Ready Leith Dunick's complete review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "on Tuesday night, the 60-year-old singer proved himself all over again, taking his Fort William Gardens fans on a trip through his own personal rock-and-roll history, Indiana-style..." Read More
06/25/2012 - Read Randall Unger's complete review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "John Mellencamp: Itís About You is a beautiful account of a musicianís journey, from artistic creation to connecting with audiences and fellow artists..." Read More
06/25/2012 - Katie Maximick staff writer for the Daily News reviews the EnCana Events Centre show. Read her complete review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "And if life is indeed short, Mellencamp seems to certainly be living it to its fullest..."

"At the age of 60, Mellencamp put on an energy-filled show that the average 30 year old probably couldnít, dancing around the stage like no one was watching and singing his heart out for two full hours..."

"It was, in short, an incredible performance..." Read More
06/24/2012 - John is currently on tour throughout June and July in Canada and the fantastic show reviews have been coming in!  Click HERE to check out all of the reviews on the NEWS page. Read More
06/22/2012 - Read Mike Bell's Southern Alberta Jubliee Auditorium complete review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "The band was tight and incredible, and Mellencamp seemed to mean every guitar note and vocal sung, sounding great and seemingly freed by not having to inhabit an entire arena, at home on a Jube stage that was part barn, part roadhouse..."

"It was nice to meet him. Again. And in a way that made him that much better..." Read More
06/22/2012 - Gerry Krochak of the Calgary Sun reviews the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium show. Here are some excerpts: "From a fanís perspective, having the opportunity to see him in the intimate surroundings of the fabulous Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium made last night even more special..."

"Perhaps fearing the worst at the beginning of a two-minute power outage, he didnít miss a beat and began telling campfire stories of his grandmother..."

"Thatís a true pro!" Read More
06/22/2012 - Read Kevin Mills Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre show review. Here are some excerpts: "Whether going all out with the band, or standing alone at centre stage with his acoustic guitar, Mellencamp,commanded the audience's attention for close to two hours..."

"As the show progressed,the fans became louder and louder and Mellencamp and the band fed off the energy..." Read More
06/19/2012 - Congratulations to: Martin Gregory, Blair Linthorne, Duncan McGinnis, Colleen M. McCabe, Sharon Spindler, Marty Morris, and Debra B. Smith you are the seven lucky winners who will receive a copy of John Mellencamp, Itís About You A Film By Kurt and Ian Markus DVD, a No Better Than This T-shirt, an It's About You exclusive Autographed Poster and the No Better Than This CD! Please email with your full name and mailing address. Your prize will be shipped over the next couple of weeks! Read More
06/18/2012 - Read Jedd Beaudoin's complete review after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "A surprisingly entertaining, thoughtful, and often beautiful poem about something..."

"The one thing Marcus and Sonís film is not about is celebrity..." Read More
06/15/2012 - John's 2012 Canadian No Better Than This Tour is underway! John and the band head out for a cross Canada trek, from west to east, over the course of five weeks starting mid June. The tour starts in British Columbia and continues east, including concert performances in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Mellencamp will be joined by Canadaís own Cowboy Junkies who are his special guests for this run of dates.

After the jump please read the full press release, ticket pre sale information and public on sale ticket information. Read More
06/15/2012 - Phillip Sayblack of WNCT Channel 9 reviews John Mellencamp It's About You Here are some excerpts: "When a documentarian can make a film that keeps the audience's attention for just over an hour (especially with a music documentary), that's proof of a well made documentary. And that's exactly what this work is..."

"an insightful look into how this music legend makes music, and his life on the road..." Read More
06/15/2012 - Read Kristi Patton's complete Okanagan Events Centre show review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "When you have a legendary artist like Mellencamp performing songs that span his amazing career of rock 'n' roll to folk/blues tunes, it really can't get no better than this..." Read More
06/15/2012 - Read Kevin Mills complete interview with Andy after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "Working with Mellencamp is a collaborative experience according to York who said ideas flow freely throughout the group..."

ďJohn is open to a lot of ideas and John also has a lot of really great ideas. I think heís a master arranger...Ē Read More
06/14/2012 - Following the recent release of the documentary film It's About You on Bluray and DVD there have been numerous reviews of the film and release. Visit the NEWS page to read them! Read More
06/13/2012 - Read Lesley Leroux's interview with Mike Wanchic after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "Itís nothing short of hits. But it also gives us an opportunity, from an artistic standpoint, to push a little bit ó to keep us alive and vital as musicians, and John as a songwriter..."

"Wanchic says the reason heís been able to work with Mellencamp for all these years is because the music and life donít always separate..." ďThereís a brotherhood,Ē he says. ďYou know, we grew up experiencing life together as young cavalier men. Then growing into adulthood, having children at the same time, watching grandparents and friends die at the same time. Itís just a life shared...Ē

That bond extends right across the band, Wanchic says, which he hopes will make for a great show that will leave fans satisfied. Read More
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