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10/10/2014 - Social media in DeLand buzzed Oct. 8-9 with photos of locals taken with John Mellencamp. The painter and singer-songwriter of hits like "Jack & Diane" and "Our Country" was in town to help open an exhibit of his visual art at the Museum of Art Downtown DeLand gallery at 5 p.m. today, Friday, Oct. 10.

His visual art, like his music, focuses on people of small-town and rural America. They're no Norman Rockwell renderings. The paintings depict serious, usually frowning, people who work the farms, the mills and the small businesses: people whose lives have been hard, who don't see much hope for the future, but who keep on going, anyway.

Some paintings depict racism or social injustice.

The painting "Troubled Man" has written into it, "Too late came too early … for me." "BRMC," featuring a frowning man, states, "Some people believe in their dreams and some will follow their dreams – me … I just don't pay any attention to them." Read Pat Andrews' complete article and interview after the jump. Read More
10/09/2014 - "Since 1932, ACA Galleries has championed art with a social message, and John Mellencamp continues this tradition. His powerful paintings speak to the plight of humanity: a voice that is especially relevant in our time.” – Jeffrey Bergen, chairman ACA Galleries, New York.

“The Paintings of John Mellencamp,” which currently is touring the country exhibiting more than 40 works of art opens Friday, Oct. 10, at the museum’s DeLand Downtown location and will continue through Dec. 28.

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10/07/2014 - Read Jay Robert's compelling 5 out of 5 star review after the jump. Here are some excerpts:"There’s not a lot of extraneous noise in the songs. The “formula” seems to be steeped in the “Keep It Simple” standard. This allows for the music and lyrics to be the focus, instead of being the afterthought of the bells and whistles..."

"I’ve held the Mellencamp albums The Lonesome Jubilee and Human Wheels as the prime examples of the artist at his best. But Plain Spoken should be added to that list. It is an example of what music can do when in the hands of someone at the height of their craft. It is startling brilliant collection of songs that can connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level..."

"Plainly stated, Plain Spoken is magnificent..."

"Mellencamp has written and recorded a sublimely brilliant album..." Read More
10/03/2014 - Just as John was getting ready to promote his new release Plain Spoken he had a life changing experience. In the early 1950s, most babies born with spina bifida did not live long. But singer John Mellencamp survived after a pioneering operation. Last month, after more than 60 years, he finally met the doctor who saved him, reports CBS News correspondent Anthony Mason. Last month, at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis,

Watch the video interview below and read the full article with John's performance of "Troubled Man" after the jump.

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10/01/2014 - John taped a sit down interview with Anthony Mason of the CBS Morning Show last week, discussing his recent release Plain Spoken. CBS This Morning airs from 7 to 9 AM ET. Watch for details on more appearances in the coming weeks. Read More
10/01/2014 - John Mellencamp, now 62-years-old and out with his 22nd album, Plain Spoken talks about the future of the music business and what inspires him these days to make more music.

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09/30/2014 - Due to popular demand, a second show has been added in San Francisco, CA at the SHN Curran Theatre for the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tour!

The newly announced show will take place on December 6th with tickets going on sale TODAY AT 3PM PT at the SHN Curran Theater Read More

09/26/2014 - John performed "Troubled Man" with Andy York and Miriam Sturm in accompaniment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Thursday, September 25th. One of his many media appearances in support of the new release Plain Spoken. John sat in with The Roots band and played classic Mellencamp songs in and out of commercial breaks. Watch the entire episode HERE

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09/26/2014 - John appeared on The Today Show in support of his new release Plain Spoken. He spoke with Matt Lauer, about the release, his career, and on being "age appropriate". Watch the classic "Small Town" below and check out his "Troubled Land" performance and interview after the jump.

"Small Town" Live On The Today Show
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09/26/2014 - John discussed his new album "Plain Spoken" on the "Steve Earle Show: Hardcore Troubadour Radio" on Saturday 9/27 at 9 pm ET repeating throughout the week. Listen to the complete interview HERE 

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09/26/2014 - It's no surprise John Mellencamp who is known for his candor called his new album, released Sept. 23 on Republic, Plain Spoken. The rock'n'roots legend, who turns 63 on Oct. 7, continues to be an open book on everything from his new lifetime recording contract to an invaluable lesson he learned from James Brown. Read Chuck Arnold's interview with John after the jump. Read More
09/24/2014 - On Wednesday morning, September 24th John appeared on the Howard Stern Show to promote his new release Plain Spoken.  List to the interview HERE and read the highlights from the live interview HERE on Read More
09/23/2014 - We are VERY excited about John's tour and new album Plain Spoken! John will be performing a number of these incredible new songs on his 80-city North American Tour. The shows on this tour will feature both classics and new material. It will be a night filled with incredible music, words, and performances.

GET TO KNOW THESE SONGS BEFORE THE TOUR! We want to remind you that included with each ticket you purchased for the 2015 North American Tour is a digital download of the new album, so DOWNLOAD YOURS TODAY! If you bought multiple tickets, be sure to share your extra digital download codes with your family, friends and co-workers! And if you have already purchased your tickets and haven't received your digital download codes, email for downloading assistance!

Ticket buyers will receive an email once the album has been released and the download is ready. Purchases after Sept. 23 will receive the download within 7 days of order. One download code per ticket for online and phone purchases only; does not apply to box office or outlet ticket purchases. This promotion is available until August 4th, 2015 and is valid for United States and Canadian residents only. Read More
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09/23/2014 - At 62, John Mellencamp has spent his nearly 40-year career figuring out exactly where he fits in the American grain, and he’s never inhabited traditional folk and blues-imbued settings as personally as on his 22nd album. Singing with gruff directness, the recent divorcé deals with relationship struggles (the somber “Tears in Vain”), as well as broader societal and moral worry (the hard-driving “Lawless Times”). He recorded the album in Indiana with executive production by T Bone Burnett, who has brought his stripped-down approach to Mellencamp’s recent albums. “I don’t trust myself, I don’t trust you,” he intones darkly. It’s a lonely old night, as he used to sing, and a raw one. Read More
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