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Check Out John's "No Better Than This" Music Video
10.01.2010 - Here is the video for the title track from John's No Better Than This album. The video was filmed and directed by Ian and Kurt Markus and culled from their Summer 2009 footage. The video serves as a preview of the documentary It's About You which was filmed during the making of the album and John's tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. Click HERE to view on


jeez, cutey...delete?

those pictures of John, the one in the studio and the one sitting in that heck of a chair,ha ha ha... are so cute....wished i had beckstage access myself...i had it all, ya know? BUTTRESS KIN..but debmartin62...has it more than I do...and of course, sugar marie...may have written her name in the stars...and it's a little confusing...but, yeah. I have since quit the concert scene and the buying mellencamp sprees trading it in for ringtones, of which there are a bunch...and I will continue to dance in that'd think he wrote the stuff for ME.he hasn't, i I will keep truckin', and tryin' to walk tall...not that fan,unfortunately.. reisloisgerber...april 8,2012..please just print this, man...thankyou...

Posted by 2012-04-08 08:57:03.

Girl Dancer

Since everyone seems to like the girl dancing in his New Video, I thought I'd make a comment on his concert in Rockford, Ill in November. I'm older than that girl but I rocked that place dancing with all the passion she had! Front row,I danced up and down those isles the entire concert! Had John laughing thru that entire concert! He certainly can bring the inner child in anyone through his music! Can't wait to see him again! His music is my Fountain Of Youth! Oh and sorry if I distracted anyone who was there! It was just too much fun to contain!!!

Posted by debmartin62 2012-01-19 12:08:16.

no better than this

I love this song! The entire CD is so good. John is an incredible songwriter.

Posted by lorispoto 2010-09-24 20:35:49.

no better than this

Great new song, can't wait to hear the rest of the CD. Also, you gotta love the dancing girl in video. Brings back memories of my favorite concerts.

Posted by dreamgreenman 2010-08-24 16:10:38.

no better than this

i LOVE girls like the one dancing in the video,,she was having the most fun there

Posted by roosterdog1965 2010-08-21 12:32:25.





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