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Back On The Road Again!
02.03.2011 - The second leg of the No Better Than This Tour kicks off tonight, Thurs. Feb. 3rd in Lowell, MA. Look for complete coverage, concert updates, and news reviews of the tour on, the Blog and John's Facebook page as the tour progresses.

My Favorite Tour

I've been to countless JM shows over the years, and this tour is leaps and bounds the best I've seen in as many years. I'm headed to Philly in a few weeks after seeing 5 shows on the first leg of the tour! Color me fascinated!

Posted by sugarmarie_1980 2011-02-08 10:57:06.


What happended to the all the posts from people who were upset and not happy with the concert??? Do you censor the blog so it only looks like good reviews?? Even the Lowell newspaper gave you bad reviews, people were upset leaving there, for the ones who stayed. Never again!!

Posted by kviveiros 2011-02-07 15:56:48.

How can you be dissappointed?

You must have been behind me gabbing all night and yelling Cherry Bomb. Grow up. JM owes you nothing. You have not been paying attention the last 35 years. Seen JM 12+ times. Pprobably my favorite show. Too many yahoos who want him to regurg the same music the same way it was played when it was recorded. Played more guitar than I have ever seen him, and was much chattier than ever. Keep changing, John.

Posted by chefpeacock 2011-02-04 23:18:39.

No Disappointment

I can honestly say that after reading the Rolling Stones Interview, I thought for sure it would be a lousy show. The concert was INCREDIBLE!!!! John mixed his music it up perfectly, and he sounded incredible. This concert is a must see!!!

Posted by stevdoo 2011-02-04 19:01:49.

Lowell Show

This was the first time I've ever seen John in concert and it was fabulous. I really enjoyed the acoustic sections as well as the hard rockin sections. What a showman. Loved to see him dance. I'll definetly be seeing him again. It was great in such a small venue. I was only 11 rows back and it was awesome. His fiddle player was unreal!His new material was great!!

Posted by Tootie49 2011-02-04 12:20:38.





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