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"No Better Than This" - Download on iTunes - Listen Now - Released to Radio
08.01.2010 - The title track from John's forthcoming (in stores Aug. 17) album No Better Than This is the first single from the album.

The song has been sent to multiple radio formats, including AAA, Americana and Non-Commercial, and is currently in rotation on's Adult Rock channel. Find local stations in these formats by clicking HERE.


The track has been released for digital purchase/download to all major services including: iTunes,, Rhapsody!

A video for the song, using footage from filmmaker Kurt Markus' It's About You documentary that chronicles the making of the album, is expected in a few weeks.

Click HERE to read more about No Better Than This

The cover of No Better Than This is below; the photograph is by Elaine Mellencamp and places Hud Mellencamp, John and Elaine's eldest son, in an enviable position. It's his second album cover appearance; a photo of a much younger Hud, also by Elaine, was used on the cover of 2003's Trouble No More.

Click HERE for a larger version of the cover.

Here are the lyrics for the track "No Better Than This":

"No Better Than This"
Written by John Mellencamp

Give me twenty-five dollars
And drive me around downtown
Solve all my problems
Donít let me lose what Iíve found
Give me good loviní
And seal it with a kiss
Then drop me off where the musicís loud
But it wonít get no better than this

Take me to a party
Where Iím the only man
With fifty women waitiní on me
Who say they understand
Feed me milk and honey
Give me a story that Iíll never miss
Let me get one good nightís sleep
But it wonít get no better than this

Give me clear vision
And donít let me miss anything
Iíll take the bird that whistles
And the world on a string
Fill my fist full of money
In these troubled times
And let me share the water
With all, all of mankind

Give me back my youth
And donít let me waste it this time
Stand me up at the golden gates
At the front of the line
Let me lie in the sunshine
Covered in the morning mist
Then show me something I ainít never seen
But it wonít get no better than this


I can't wait to hear it live

Just listened to John's latest album, No Better Than This, on NPR interview. IT WAS GREAT!!!! I am going to pick up the album today and can't wait to hear him live in November.

Posted by charmcgrath 2010-08-19 08:11:42.

Great Music!

I never expect anything less than great music from you. I was a kid the first time I heard your music and have been hooked ever since! Your songs are the songs that I look forward to playing on my guitar! You just keep getting better John! Can't wait to see you in Cleveland Chrissy

Posted by chrissytassone 2010-08-11 08:35:57.

Music That Speaks to Me

You are singing songs that would not be possible if you were a year, month or day younger in your life or in your head. I'm grateful to hear your thoughts and realize you are trying so hard to continue to capture what is true in the moment and give it back with embellishment. Thanks for the listen to "No Better than This." I'm glad I can hear what it means.

Posted by JohnEBest 2010-08-08 00:52:40.





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